Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cleaning Out

We're moving forward.  We had our meeting at the school today.  I got a doctor's note for her to be home bound, but we probably will skip home bound since we'll be officially homeschooling beginning Feb. 19th.  Apparently the home bound program is a lot of paperwork (and work), and it's a slow process.  So.. they just put her on :medical leave: until homeschooling takes effect.

The meeting was ok (read: we made it through), and she was encouraged to tell the truth about what was going on.  She couldn't really do it, so I helped.  Which is what made me cry.  She didn't want to say anything negative about her friends or kids at school, so it was hard to explain what was going on.  After we left, she told me about the girl that poked her all last year, and is still annoying..and this year "wished Mary Claire would go back where she came from."  She finally let down and cried in the car.  It's going to be hard for a while.

We cleaned out her locker.  The nurse tried to get her Careers workbook, but the teacher fussed at her and asked if she needed it right now.  And why?  (in front of the class.)  I've learned that no thing is easy.  You just breathe, and keep moving.  Not everyone can understand.  What you have to do and why.

I did get invited to a homeschooling Valentine party on Friday, and a mom's group coffee on Thursday night.  So there's that. : ) My friends (some who already home school) have reached out and shown us love.  And for that, I am soo grateful.  That they have compassion.  That they can understand why we have to make the choices we do right now.  And that they want to help and make this easier, less painful. 

Her friends..that's another story.  Some have stopped contacting her.  We knew that'd be part of it.  They need to close their circle.  I get it.  She can't tell them all what is going on, how she feels.  Goodness..she can barely comprehend it all.

I have encouraged her to own her choices.  She begged to be home schooled, to never go back.  I am pretty busy, and I'd love for her to make peace and go back, but it's not in the cards right now.  She has told a couple friends that she's staying home, and sent them teary face emoticons.  (because hello, she's 13.)  I've told her she has to tell it like it is, that it's what she feels she needs to do right now.

So I have a right-hand woman, a sidekick.  All.  Day.  Long.  We'll both get the hang of it.

In other news, Carter had a "Balentine's Party" today.  It was fun, sweet, crazy, chaos!  They sang us a cute little song, had cupcakes, snacks, crafted ladybugs, and exchanged adorable, creative Valentines!  (I soo won the awesome-mom-crafting award with my Avengers pre-packaged candy from Target.  Not.)  (Ask me how it felt to spend three minutes writing their names on the packages, calling it good, and my baby being thrilled with candy Captain America shields.  Yep, that's why.)  We've always got next year. : )
Happy Valentine's Day!
I did print sent to print colorful, creative tags for Ethan's pop rock valentines, and they are cut and ready to staple on.  I've somehow lost the list of we are going to sign them all with his name, and he can pass them out and pray everyone gets one.  And I've learned the three packs are $1 at Dollar General (..but then you deal with the lines and crazy shoppers..)(h-o-w do you spend seventy-six dollars there?!) and $2 at Hobby Lobby.  Kinda totally worth it.

And..if you need to laugh.  Here is my baby putting on his own jammies..and kinda running into the door:  And straightening his waistband..and being proud of himself!

Hugs, and hope you have a week blessed with laughter.  Even if it's punctuated with a few tears. ; )


Joanne said...

So sorry you are going through all of this. Praying and sending hugs.

Holly said...

Thank you so much, Joanne. Hugs, girl : )