Monday, February 22, 2016

Adult Audience Only

**If you are a junior high friend of Clay's, he's asked that you stop reading these posts.  They are not written for you, and it's inappropriate.  I know I'm hilarious, informative, and so cool to it's hard to look away.  But if you have questions, ask him directly, or you can email me.  I share with my adult friends.  Thank you.

Mary Claire is finding her new normal.  She's back to wearing cute skirts and dresses (precious!), and she's doing soo well on her work!  She keeps exclaiming, "I knew I was good at math!"  (and she really is a quick thinker.)  We have about half a day's work and assignments, and then she reads in the afternoons and plays outside/on the trampoline/with Carter, and writes.

She has an essay/quick write every day for history, and they've been amazing.  She doesn't really enjoy doing them, but they are always so good.  There are three choices every day, and she often is choosing to write from the human perspective or complete the opinion option.  I love reading them.  She can empathize with people; they're wonderful to read.

Mary Claire also cut off all her hair (8") last Friday.  I was worried about her, stressed, I told her no several times..I wondered what was stimulating all the cleaning, change in dress, hair, etc.  Honestly, it made me nervous.  But she is thrilled!  And she looks adorable, so it was a totally good move for her.  It's been hard for me to let her "grow up", accept that she has these mature thoughts (like..I thought cutting her hair was a knee-jerk reaction or a way to shed her "old" life..not that she'd really considered it).  I have to say..I found a lot on her phone: lists of negative things kids had said to her, things she was thinking about, what she was praying for, things I didn't know were on her radar.  Things I thought were above her age level, that she shouldn't think about yet.  Kids are feeling pressure from all angles.  She was just overwhelmed.

This has been as big a change for me as it has been for her.  I've definitely struggled too.  Having another child around the house all day, every day has been an adjustment.  She wanted to go along to my hair appointment (me time!), to take Carter to school, to change the church bulletin board, etc.  I'm finding a new normal too.  Hopefully in healthy ways, haha!

We are finally finding a groove though.  We have texts and work for her, I'm back to figuring out how to plan dinner, groceries, do laundry, etc. and balance will come.  

Thankfully with all the trampoline-ing and outside play over the past warm week, blood sugars are back down.  (We are seeing too many lows!  All that muscle is continuing to work and burn calories, ahh!)  But it's been good for them to get to eat some "free" snacks! : )

Thank you for your continued prayers, for reaching out to us either with calls, emails, or contact information for's been an eye-opening, transformative journey.  God is working!
Hugs back at you!

  ..and apparently she found my little corner of the world.. ; )


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