Thursday, May 7, 2015

Concerts, Parties, and a Boot!

Sweet days.  Making me appreciate regular life. ; )

Selfie with my girl : )

Girl Scout Patch Ceremony!  (with the patches she's earned)
On Sunday night, I surprised Ches with a date.  I had a babysitter come and we went to see Chicago in concert!  They did such a wonderful job-all nine of them were amazing musicians-from drums and keyboards to trombones, flutes, and a cowbell!  They were sweating by intermission.
Chicago in Concert!
When they first started, it was their early music (that I didn't recognize!).  I had to lean over and ask if we were at the right concert.  Eeek.  He said it's when he fell in love with them..early.  I had no idea.  I'm all Chicago 17 and 18 in the 80's!  haha!
You're the Inspiration : )
When they started playing the songs I could sing along to, I was happy.  And loud.  Good thing we were out on the lawn and it was SO loud..they might have asked me to leave!
SUCH a beautiful evening and full moon! : )

They even play the flute..soo talented!
From one flute player to the next:
And then Monday we got to hear Mary Claire play in her school concert!
She did a wonderful job.  The band (especially for a first year band!) did sooo well!
Soo..fried ice cream after! : )

so..all the kids wanted ice cream!

..but not Carter!  He is happy with chips and queso, and he wants CHEESE!

Cutie pie all wrapped up in bed.  He can do this funny skeptical thing with his eyebrows, ha!

Cutie pie's birthday invitations!
Her birthday is next week (brings up memories of diagnosis..her anniversary is only one week and a day later!).  She has a school dance on her birthday, so she decided to do an "after party"!  And she wants no plans..just music, movies, and swimming.  Which suits this momma just fine!

Is this not the cutest?!  "You're the best at treating ______'s Lowes!  On a gift card in a beautiful crepe myrtle.  All I wanna do is copy it!! ; )
I have a genius friend who gave this to her son's school nurse!  SOOO adorable!!

He has been crawling, so a dog getup is so appropriate. ; )
My baby got hurt last Sunday.  He was going down a tunnel slide and his shoe kinda got stuck on the side, and Clay pushed really hard on him/his foot.  He came out screaming!  He couldn't walk or bear weight on it.  So..we went to the doctor Monday morning, and she said to call back if he still couldn't walk on Wednesday.  

Wednesday, we went for an xray, and the doctor couldn't see a break.  She called this week to check on him, and after STiLL not putting weight on it/walking, we went to see a an orthopedic surgeon.  He's now in a boot. : (  And we go again next Wednesday.  Apparently there could be a break at the growth plate, but after looking at the xrays, it's such soft area (therefore not white), so you can't see if it's broken or not.
Playing with his tail, heehee.

Woof, woof!
Since last year was our first spring/summer in our house, I'm so excited to see which plants/shrubs/flowers made it!  My roses have been amazing!  These were small one gallon plants from a nursery..and they are FULL of blooms!!  I'm sooo thankful.
My roses are big and blooming, I'm so excited!!
He sends me pictures every time he fishes! : )
Praying that your spring is blessed.  With music, flowers, parties, and puppies. : )  And if I don't get the chance, Happy Mother's Day!!  To my momma, to my mama friends, and anyone who's mothered another, enjoy a special day, love you!! 


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing holly! Happy mothers day to you <3

Holly said...

Thank you, Maria!! Happy Mother's Day, hugs! : )