Friday, July 19, 2013

Design Decisions..

Ok, I feel 18% better.  I revisited the design center with no expectations to choose anything..just to look and learn.  I think I got a better idea of the direction I might go.  I'm trying to marry french (think linen/ivory/white) with clean white (white, marble, chrome).  Here is a super long post, picture-filled, with what I'm thinking. ; )  'Cause you have an hour to stress with me over the right lights!  Not. ; )

Let's start here..I like this for the entryway.  Shiny chrome : )

Something similar to this would go over the breakfast table..but with a round drum shade, and with a silver knob on the bottom, and maybe a white cord?  You can totally customize all these little things! : ) Love that.
 Ok..these are all ideas for the pendants over the island/bar:
This is actually smaller in's only about 8" across maybe?  But I could do three or four?

I like the one on the right I think.  I'd do two, and paint them a very pale aqua (pale turquoise)..and I'd have to paint the chain and rewire with a white wire..or paint it too!

Love this too..incredibly industrial with the thick chain!

More delicate, but I like the light would come out the sides too, not just the bottom.

Not my favorite, but I'd love to use it's rope covered chain!  and wood/glass.  cool.

This maybe in my bedroom since I need a fan?

I like the brownish outside lanterns..for beside the garage doors, back patio, etc.

Cool for the front porch!

Maybe the hallways?

LOVE!!!  Now..where to put it?  It has four 60watt bulbs, so it has enough light.  Maybe laundry or office..or suggestions please?

Beautiful glass tile.  Maybe the middle one?  But where to put it?

This crema marfel (marble) that I like.  Mostly whitish, but some linen color.  It would be a herringbone pattern behind the stovetop, but...

subway pattern in the rest of the kitchen.

Mary Claire chose this glass backsplash tile and floor tile for her bathroom!

I love this.  But price?  I don't know.  Where to put it?  I don't know.

I learned a lot.  That if you repeat some of the same tile in your house, you can buy larger quantities therefore wasting less.  Also, you can use the same grout, also eliminating waste.  But I like choice, and I'm finding it hard to narrow down. ; )


Our Diabetic Warrior said...

I love the last tile grouping! I really like the direction you are going with your choices thus far.

Holly said...

Thank you, Nikki!! : ) I can really use the's hard, and I want to get it right. I don't want to be fixing things in a year!! : )