Sunday, July 28, 2013

Windows and Stairs, Check!

..a little more progress!  I like when the boys come home and tell me what new things they've seen at the house site.  Today..we finally got our stairs!  The kids were all excited since it would be the first day to actually see their rooms.  They recognized them right away after studying the plans for so long! : )

ok..hate to start out negative.  But, Ethan's bathroom window up top is not the right one.  It's supposed to be rounded to match the front doors.  We'll work on that.

But at least they got the rounded roof part above it right!

The front side porch : )  ..we changed the double doors from the dining room into a window so we could place some furniture out there!

The arch for the front porch is currently in the dining room'll be there soon enough.

Looking into the living room..out into the back yard!

STAiRS are IN!!

Mary Claire's room!  She looks out over the garage roof..and the back porch & yard.

Lots of porch roof.  You never realize how it will really look until it gets built.  I never took this into consideration!

At this point, we still have x-ray vision!  Through the landing, through Mary Claire's closet, into her bathroom.

Still really thankful for our stairs!  So much easier than shimmy-ing up those boards. ; )

Can't wait to see the finish out on this one!  Looking into the kitchen : )  And they finally got my pantry wall right!!  Kudos!

Pantry and breakfast area.  ..that's making me hungry. ; )
Well, that's it!  I'm so glad to see it coming along.  We meet on Monday to do the electrical walk-through.  To mark where the kids will hang out with their iPods, where we'll locate a tv..or even plug a vacuum.  Fun!  Clay asked for two outlets in his closet.  So he can play games in the dark.  I think this is so he can play after bedtime.  Umm..we're onto you, Dude!

We also met on Thursday to do more tile-deciding.  But get this.  I'm supposed to pick floor tile, back splash tile, and the tile for my tub surround BEFORE I know my countertop.  They want me to pick granite..but I can't see the selections till I'm 30 days out, but I have to pick the other NOW and have them laid on my concrete before then!  Umm..not working for me!  I wanted whites and grays, but now that they are "in style/demand"..they cost more.  Wahhhh.  Tans, beiges, browns, etc. are now cheap.  Boo.  Even tan granite is cheaper than blah Corian.  I'm needing a direction (that's not too expensive!).  I'm ready to go back to that white cultured marble, but they would freak out.  I just love that clean, white look!  *gasp!* but they tell me it's not what's "expected" in a house like ours..and I need to do 3cm granite.  What to do?!

Also..trying to commit to room colors.  I've had to look for kids' bedding, and quiz them on color preference.  I think I'll do a stripe on Carter's back wall like this: I love this room.  But I'm thinking the stripes would be good in his room ; )

..and then solids for the big kids.  I'm just mixing it up since I may paint his room our neutral (Sherwin Williams Anew Gray) (my color of the moment).

Also, here are some tile choices I DiD make:
The top is the travertine "rock" I chose for my pool bath floor.  Cool, huh?

And this is what we switched Mary Claire's backsplash tile to..the one underneath it is her current floor tile.  Now if I can only find some granite to match so I won't ruin it all.
We also decided to make the bottom four feet of the pool bath James Hardie (Hardieplank) siding instead of subway tile..since I was using that tile in the kitchen!  I think it'll look cool and outdoor-like.  It was a chance to do something super different.  I will visit it in the winter, close the blinds, and pretend it's summer.  ; )  I hope it all comes together..and doesn't seem too crazy!  If it does..just don't tell me.  haha!

Oh, and also?  We are thinking about painting the dining room navy blue.  Yes, we are nuts like that.  I actually have a navy fabric I love (no place to put it), and so I thought I could put it in the room that has two double windows, an entryway opening, and a big hutch..that will reflect light!  I know..big chance to take.  But just maybe it'll be okay.  Heck, we hardly use that room anyway!  haha!

Hope you are having an awesome weekend!  I'm trying to relax..and gear up for Monday.  More charts and thinking..and pinning. ; )  any advice?

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