Thursday, July 18, 2013


I know we are still just getting started on the new house..but we met today to make some big decisions!  ..and I was so nervous and Unprepared.

I still have butterflies in my tummy.  I don't want to mess this up!  I'll be in this new house for a long time.  Should I do carrera marble and take the risk of stains?  Do I use black honed granite and risk seeing d-u-s-t?  Is it acceptable to do oil-rubbed bronze door handles and hinges..but do chrome faucets?  This is what I dream about..and why I'm going to bed at 2am every night.  Yes, I get up with Carter in the 8 o'clock hour.  Yes, I'm gaining weight.  Yes, my face is breaking out.  Yes, I have bags under my eyes.  Yes, I'm dehydrated.  Avert your eyes..look at the house!
This is the entry...looking out!  There is a porch framed right around the front door. It'll be where you see those pieces of wood on the floor coming our from the sides about 3 feet from where you come onto the little porch.

This is looking toward the kitchen : ) (Can't WAiT to see it this fall!!)

And to day my kids will chase each other up and down these invisible stairs.

I just love this one.  The repetition and symmetry in the boards..just an appreciation of my custom floor joists..just for our house!  #worththewait
So..I like a country kind of look..maybe I should say cottagey.  Painted cabinets, wood floors, silver fixtures, chandeliers, slipcovers, lots of pillows and books and lamps.'s my problem (today).
I have this french country kinda style.  Like..the stuff that I already own looks kinda like this.

And then I like this style too.  Not so coordinating with my shabby vibe.

Gorgeous Restoration Hardware table, but not so gray/white modern.
Beautiful, beautiful herringbone backsplash, pale turquoise cabinets. : )

This kinda goes with the french/burlap vibe, but not the gray/white train of thought.

Back to gray/white beauty.  Not jiving with the other.  What do I do?
Seriously, looking for advice.  I have to reconcile these two sides of me. ; )  Today, we chose the pool bath floor tile (not pebbles like I wanted since they can rust..I know!), but tumbled marble pebble-like flooring.  I picked white subway tile to go up to about four feet.  I chose a pretty basic floor tile (12x24 beige with a shiny fleck) for the laundry room, and then we moved on to the shower and master bathroom.  We lingered there till past the meeting, and it was hard.

I wanted to hyperventilate at the thought of committing.  I know it's not the end of the world..but I didn't know we'd be picking stuff like that!  I was planning for easy stuff like door knobs or something.  Ha!  They even wanted me to pick paint colors.  For the entire house!  Like today.  Hell-o.  Have you met me?  I require samples on the wall to test the light at different hours of the day.  I was freaking out.  I can't lie.

So, now I'm going back on Friday to walk through the showroom with another person (for the DAY), and I'll meet with the team again next week to make *shudder* final decisions, hence throwing a wrench in our vacation.  I'm prepared to sacrifice the 24 hour (each way) driving time for a good house that's planned.  'Cause I'm house-supportive like that. ; )

Now, if you have a good color on your wall..can I come see it (in the morning and afternoon)?  I'm totally open to suggestions. would you marry the khaki/tan/off-white to the gray/white?

Now you have some homework, and it's my bedtime.  2:00.  Hugs!
He says, "cheese!"  And this?  Is why I stay up late and get up early.  So I don't miss a minute.

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