Saturday, April 28, 2012


Back to the doctor earlier this week...and Carter was up to 6 lbs. 13 oz!  Wow.  Even the doctor was impressed, and said we were a week ahead of schedule. ; )  So, so, so happy and thankful he's healthy and doing well.  Hope some of my pounds are melding into him!

Seriously..I'm already battling the weight.  It will be nice to not wear maternity clothes, you know, post maternity?  I got some "shapewear" based on a nurse's recommendation (from the nurse who pulled my staples out) that it would reduce that loose-organs-shaking-around feeling.  They definitely helped, but they caused some serious pain.  : (  I got all crampy and yucky again, and had to commit to bed again.  I even called my doctor to see if I could renew a prescription for pain medicine, but no.  So I'm toughing it out.  I had Ches get me some Aleve, but I can't say that it makes any difference at all!

I think I have lost some fluid (and weight) the past couple weeks.  I've only got 18 more pounds to loose.  Gosh, it still seems like a lot.  At least I've got one pair of capris that fit me-I keep them in one of my maternity tubs, for those after days when I want to feel human.  They may 2 or 3 sizes bigger than normal and only fit for a week or two, but I'll wear them almost every day! ; )  ..And my ankle bones?  Finally have made their appearance again, woohoo! : )

I had an appointment to go get waxed on Thursday, but HA!  I knew I couldn't handle it, so I cancelled.  I've actually been in bed a lot this week.  Sweet growing boy = lots of feedings.  He's been eating every couple hours for a couple days.  It seriously has been a full-time job!  He's filling out his jammies more and more every I think it's going well. ; )

I have to say all other things in our world are falling by the wayside.  It's tough to keep it all up!  I have 32 new calls on caller ID (since I can't reach the phone), and I had 13 messages.  Granted, most of them are to sell us something, poll our political opinions, or upgrade our account.  But this one...we got this crazy phone message on Thursday-Ches thought it was a prank call/message.  It was a girl's voice saying, "I'm high, I'm high, I'm high, I'm high, I'm high...Bye!"  Click.  We finally figured it out after putting some puzzle pieces together.  She'd been high on Thursday all day AFTER her site change on Wednesday night!  I'd been in the shower and missed the nurse's call at lunchtime, but Mary Claire had left the message.  Checking the phone number it came from and the time helped clue us in.  ; )  And knowing that when her blood sugar is high, she's a little hyper/crazy!

And..what is that?  How can her blood sugar be higher after a site change with new insulin?  Is it scar tissue in that area of her body?  Bad insulin?  So frustrating.  It totally ruins her daily blood sugar average, screws with her a1c, wastes an entire site change set, and keeps me up at night.  (..and leaves a high, high, high message on our machine!)

We went to Target a couple days ago, and Ethan loves to pretend he's a hamster in a wheel out front (yes, e-v-e-r-y time we go!):

And that same cutie borrowed my camera...I found about 40 pictures of the tv, him making piles of pillows in the house, his face from different angles, and here is one I actually love:
Yep, see all those pillows?
I'm guessing he had Clay help him out since he didn't snap this one. ; )  I like it when they capture their average every day day I'll be thrilled to have a reminder.

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Jen Snow said...

awww...He is so precious! :) Just remember that you'll get there with the weight, Hunny. You are beautiful now and every pound in between. Hoping that you get to get our and moving more next week!