Wednesday, May 16, 2012


You could say that four kids have definitely changed my days, and my mojo.  I feel behind with all the little things that need to get done, and sometimes just plain ol’ inadequate.  I had three under control, but now I just feel like I’m playing Whack-a-Mole.  Whatever is looming gets priority (or whoever is loudest!).
Sweet boy.  Yes, sometimes he's loudest...but sometimes it's the bigger ones! ; )
Two nights ago, I was on my bed nursing Carter (which is slightly incapacitating), and Mary Claire came in feeling low.  She kept throwing herself across the end of the bed telling me she was h-u-n-g-r-y!  …and that meant she wanted me to get her something.  I kept telling her I was feeding Carter and to please go get something-anything.  More whining…and I realized I was dealing with Low Blood Sugar Mary Claire.  Nothing makes sense, just whining.  It gets a wee bit stressful.
I know.  Looking at him sleeping is so calming.  Keep thinking...Calm.
And added to that was the fact that Ches was at Clay’s ball game.  So I was alone.  (Put on a happy face…)  : )  Because it was about to get worse.  Ethan came in screaming that he’d cut his finger.  He wanted Mommy to love on him and get him a band-aid, Stat!  And the screaming and loud whining makes a startled Carter pull off screaming.  Fun times, friends!  (don’t worry-the cut wasn’t even an eighth of an inch long) ; )

Thank goodness, it’s definitely rewarding overall.  My babies are all so sweet, and they are loving on Carter, which makes my heart grow three sizes just to watch! : )  In wanting a baby for our family, I didn’t consider how a baby would bring out the best in my other kids.  Even now, I think about the work load..but overlook the fact that my kids are sharing, taking turns, and serving one another.
...and making us laugh!  (they got this from a gumball machine-love it soo much better than the sticky frogs and rings he normally gets!)  And?  It came with a fun accent. ; )
Ethan likes me to put Carter’s diapers on the floor, so he can put them in the Diaper Genie.  He gets all upset if there aren’t any. ; )  They are all good to go get diapers, clothes, blankets or burp rags if we have a little surprise mess, and  Mary Claire loves to buckle Carter in his car seat.  I can even count on Clay or Mary Claire to carry his car seat, and they are so careful!  And baby bathtime?  Totally as good as a broadway show-I could sell tickets!  (and I still don’t understand why..)

I admitted to a friend last night how absolutely hard it is to have four, and she appreciated the honesty.  (Oops!)   She said no one else (who had four or more kids) had told her it was hard.  Seriously?  So is it just me that thinks it's hard?  I love my kids, but it's a job to get everyone ready for school in the morning, get everyone bathed and to bed, and make sure they all feel loved on each day.  I didn't say it wasn't fun or that I regretted one second, but hard?  Yep.  Just takes a lot of time and patience.  Two things I can always work on. : )

 but how precious are these teensy feet?  I just love them. : )  see-no regrets!


Amy@Diapeepees said...

Cute toes!

Unknown said...

DUDE! I find two kids hard...cannot even begin to imagine. Keep up the awesome work and you are far, far, far from inadequate.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Oohing and ahhing as I catch up on your blog! Carter is precious!!! Ethan is a cutie, too! I find three kids hard, so I can imagine how adding a newborn into the mix would difficult...but oh, so worth it! Those toes...and that newborn smell...and the way they smile in their sleep...and...and...and... :)