Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pregnancy Tummy Rumblings

Over Christmas break (which a few of us are still enjoying..), I've discovered sweets again. : (  I was doing so well eating only healthy (read: high protein) food, but after baking cookies, gingerbread men, coconut cream pie, sweet potato casserole, cherry cheesecake dessert, dipping chocolate pretzels, Ches' ice cream birthday cake, Ethan's big birthday cookie.. and loving a daily McDonald's peppermint hot chocolate..I've oversweetened my baby's amniotic fluid just a tad.

I am reading a great book (on my new kindle!), called Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?  ..and indeed they do!  So..I let myself go.  All in the name of a super-sweet baby.  Don't we all just *love* a sweet baby?

There are only a couple problems with this strategy, one being the massive number of pounds it adds to Mommy (and the rolling-around-whale effect at night), and there seems to be an impact on one big sister.  Well, on her blood sugar.  She sees mommy sweetening up baby, and wants to sweeten herself too.  She's been running a bit high, I upped all her basal rates, and we still saw high numbers.  One antibiotic later (can you say ear infection?), and she's beginning to do better.  Especially after all these desserts reach their expiration, and we boldly shove them down the garbage disposal or trash can..and coat them with dishwashing detergent.  (thanks, Miranda) ; )

So, now we have embarked on a new vocation: cooking from Martha Stewart's cookbook, but only the dinner food (no desserts!).  We began last night with the Southwestern Cobb Salad (and it was amazing!).  I'll snap a picture of the recipe, but here is the rundown.  We marinated cucumber in lime juice, cilantro, salt, and pepper.  Added cilantro, olive oil, salt/pepper to drained & rinsed black beans.  And had a mixture of chopped tomato, broiled yellow pepper (my broiling power is back!), and red onion, with cumin, salt/pepper, and all these sat while I made half a pound of thick-cut bacon, and cooked the turkey (but it calls for chicken).  You layer all these amazing flavors together over romaine, and it is total Salad Explosion-Yum!
Hers is prettier, I had to make each plate separately since the kids all have their preferences. ; )
Here is the recipe (just call me lazy, but I don't have time to type all this up!):

And tonight, I'm making the Gratineed Macaroni and Cheese with Tomatoes.  I've just broken up bread crumbs, and grated 4 cups of sharp white cheddar (and added mozzarella since the cheddar was really strong!).  I can bet that this one won't help me in the poundage department, but it is high in protein. ; )  And I'm using wheat elbow noodles, and I think it's a pound of fresh tomatoes! : ) So, we'll call it healthy-er.

Are we programmed only to think about our tummies during pregnancy?

Here's the latest look at my huge one.  On New Year's with my baby-and he does love his baby brother. ; )
I know!  It's totally the horizontal stripes.  (Please disregard the mess in the background.)


Amy@Diapeepees said...

I always love a pregnant belly! Beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Holly, you are such a BEAUTIFUL pregnant mama! Seriously...if i looked like that while pregnant, I'd have 5 more babies. :)

Misty said...

Ahh.. You look so pretty :)
Little brother will be here before you know it! Glad the bg is coming down.

Tracy1918 said...

You are adorable!!

Jen Snow said...

you do still look beautiful! :)

NikDuck said...

Hi there, I came to your blog from the many other D-blogs. I don't know I have missed your blog until now. I've enjoyed reading through some of your posts. My little girl was diagnosed a year and a half ago at the age of 4 (now 6). Oh how I loved my sweets while prego too and what a yummy looking salad!

Heather said...

Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Salad sounds yummy and you are one beautiful prego!

Holly said...

Aww, you guys are so sweet! ; ) I feel like Weight is my new BFF. We'll be friends for a good year or so, then I'll get a new friend-haha!

Thanks for your encouragement, seriously, I can use it! Hugs to all of you! <3

Misty said...

You look so cute! Hope you are doing well!