Friday, December 30, 2011

You stuck that branch where?

Two days in a row, peeps!  This is HUGE! ; )

I just had a busy, productive day, and had to share. : )
Big, older chair
We moved out the older chair and a half (that took up so much room!)-it now has a beautiful new home.  It was a great chair, and gave us great years-but I had to make room for my new BFF, my rocker-glider.  LoVe that thing!  : )  Oh, did you need a picture?  to make you fall in love too?  K, let me grab my camera...
New, smaller chair-with linen slipcover that rocks!  *Love*
Now you can share my love. haha! ; )  So, then we had to c-l-e-a-n the 50" x 40" dirty spot on the floor that it left behind!  Gosh, I think it's been at least a year or more.  There was a Nilla wafer, some beads, and some general dust. : )  Fun stuff I'm doing over here.  I can say the room smells super-clean (kinda like Pledge!) now.  I even added a wallflower to scent it nicely (non-Pledge).

And..wanna see my latest idea?  I decided I needed an au-naturale mobile.  I asked Ches to find me a huge branch (preferably birch or sycamore-beautiful bark!).  He found a couple-one was gorgeous-but WAY too big.  Then we got it just right.  Here is the branch:

And then..I decided to put the bed in the other corner (he loves this part of me ; )..and then we hung the branch with cup hooks (you know the ones that screw into the ceiling?), and used clear fishing line to hang the branch.  We (meaning I helped direct the paint brush where he should paint) then painted over the cup hooks to match the wall/ceiling color, and voila!  Hanging Branch.  ; )
Amazingly, this was the same location where it was growing-headed straight for the house.  (Kinda reminds me of the winter we DiD have a branch through our roof-after the ice storm!)
My plan (but I'm tired for today..) is to hang little cute things from the branches over the bed with more fishing line.  I am not sure what..but I'll get there.  I am thinking bird houses, silver crowns, birds, glittery stars..something.  I want it to be babyish, but boyish.  I'm finding it's a hard decision!  My theme so far is spa blue, chocolate/cocoa brown, white/ivory, toile, and kinda french.  Do you have any ideas for the mobile-hanging things? check in on that other baby, Diabetes..we've had to adjust things lately.  Today, I finally committed to upping (is that a word?) Mary Claire's basal rates-almost all day!  I also slightly changed her correction ratios-I was catching myself adding at least a .1 almost every time she was high.  I am horribly conservative in changing things permanently!  Worries me that she'll go low. : (  So we are back to record-keeping.  I printed new charts, and had to write every time we checked her and she put something in her mouth (and it reminded me how hungry she is all the time!).  I have to keep that girl busy, or she is obsessed with food!  Any food.  (well, not cheese so much.)

So, tonight we'll be up extra checking our girl, making sure she's okay.  Guess it gets us used to a baby?  Gosh, I really do love my sleep.  Almost as much as my chair. ; )
Hope you sleep well tonight!  Maybe you could gaze up at a branch growing from your wall? ; )

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Stephanie said...

Oooh, I love the branch!! I think you should sew some little stuffed birds, stars, moons, etc. to hang from there. You do such beautiful work! By the way...have I told you that I am so excited you are having a baby? It is so fun to think about BABY stuff (and not diabetes stuff all the time...hmm...maybe I should have another.) Scratch that, my husband would have a heart attack. :) your cute ideas and I hope MC's basals hold steady! I'm up late because I over-corrected Adam and now I'm hovering with a juice box in case it is needed...