Thursday, January 26, 2012

What will rot your teeth the fastest?

Ethan has been totally into Valentine's Day this year.  He's already made all of his valentines for his Mother's Day Out class, two for friends, and four for kids he could remember from his preschool (I'm sure they are his best friends..they are boys!).  He even wrote all the names (To and From!), put the little sticker into the tabs, and stickered the edges to hold them together.  Totally impressive.  I had to help him with some letters, but I can remember making Valentines with Mary Claire her last preschool year..and she would get all frustrated and worn out after two.  It took us a couple weeks (which is why we started so early!)

Mary Claire is also finished.  She remembered her entire class list (in abc order, since they have numbers, and she knows everyone's numbers!).  She is number 15, and she remembered forward and backward from her.  She chose Secret Spy valentines this year, but since some said, "Secret Mall Spy" and "Cute Spy", she wouldn't give them to boys (for fear they might think she thinks they are cute!).  So, she raided my valentine tub and found previous years valentines cards for them (SpiderMan, dinosaurs, jungle animals, etc.) that didn't say anything close to "I like you" (in the I like you way).

And Clay?  He hasn't touched his yet.  And after prompted, has better things to do.  When the list comes home, hopefully he'll have some motivation.  We heard (through MC of course) that he likes a girl, but he absolutely denied it to me.  We don't have boy- or girlfriends in our house (till college!), so maybe that's his reason.  That or he's at that age and doesn't want to tell us.  Or could be both. ; )

We also have been making valentines for Mary Claire's girl scout troop for their yearly exchange.  Mary Claire got her American Girl magazine and found the cutest valentine instructions: Funny Fortunes!  They are fortune cookies made out of felt, and you can print the fortunes you like from the AG website, cut, and fold. (click here, then click on Funny Fortunes)  So adorable!
We had to fold up the fortunes, since they printed pretty big, and the fortune cookie felt circles are only about 3.5" around.  Warning: they are super silly, so you can always make your own with jokes or something. ; )

We have also started Clay's science fair project.  He is testing which drinks will rot your teeth the fastest.  Yum.  He has four molars (yes, the Tooth Fairy helped us out!), and they are hanging from fishing line into four drinks he chose: water, milk, lemonade, and Coke.  His theory is that the Coke will rot the tooth the fastest, followed by the lemonade (due to the lemon and acidity).  I did a very close experiment in grade school, and the tooth literally dissolved in about a week in Coke.  We'll see how his does.  I don't let him eat lemons (yes, he would e-a-t them if he could!), so maybe this will prove how fast they eat through the enamel!  (I wonder if Coke from the 1970's is as strong as Coke today...)

Sweet little baby molars..two Mary Claire has lost just in the past week!  (but..we didn't tell her that she donated her teeth to science.)
And what is MC doing with all that tooth fairy money?  She saving up!  She's decided she wants a Kindle (preferably a Fire, but that comes in at a nice $199!).  She now has a one of my little checkbook registers from the Bank of Mom, and is earning and saving.  She earned $25 for her grades, and is making money every day making lunches and cleaning.  She's up to $41.75 including tooth fairy deposits. ; )  The tooth fairy left her an encouraging note with deposit information for her.  We love when she saves for something meaningful rather than new Squinkies!

She still has Valentine's day, and Easter, and if she doesn't meet her goal..she wants us to help her out on her birthday. : )  And yes, I did tell her then she'll need money to buy ebooks!  ..I think it started right after Christmas when they had Electronics Day at school-and kids brought their new Kindle Fires (and iphones!).  (Can you imagine?)  Now she feels all sad she doesn't have one.  I think earning and saving are the best solution.

I just hope she doesn't pull any permanent teeth. ; ) 

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Tracy1918 said...

I think Mary Claire should WRITE an ebook teaching kids ( like my son!) to save money. I would buy it and she'd have even more money!! : )