Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hairs Cut for Choir

I had time to get some sewing done!  I had a $5 gift limit set before me...and I had to max it out! ; )  It was for Ethan's Mother's Day Out program..and he got a girl's name, Abigail.  (I cheered!)
So..I made her a string backpack, and we got her a silver/purple fluff/feather tiara to put inside.  Fun.  Here is a picture:
It's a Fancy Nancy fabric, and the inside is lined with lavender toile.  So cute!

..and I finally got Mary Claire a wintery pump pouch made-she wanted the snowmen. : )  I still have candy cane, gingerbread men, blue snowmen, green/ornament Susan Winget fabric, and red snowflake fabric..will I ever get those made too?
And then, today?  Haircuts, Toys R Us, and a Christmas choral concert! : )  The kids love the new haircut place: Pigtails and Crewcuts.  They had a train table, a separate room (that was quieter) for big kids or for little kids.  There were televisions/videos/Playstations at each salon station, and three cars for the little kids to sit in for their haircuts!  And since we took all three kids, at one point..they were ALL getting their hairs cut. ; )  

And here are my darlings ready for the concert.  (Doesn't Clay look different?!  I love that hair off his ears!):
Ethan was so cute!  He wanted a tie like his big brother ; )

Even Ches went to change into a blue shirt. ; )  (My picture with them is bad..I now have a pregnant face.)

Here is what Ethan did during the wait time...Angry Birds!  And he has gotten good.

The kids in choir.  Clay and Mary Claire are the second and third from the right.

The very impressive adult choir.
I thought I had a picture of the brass ensemble that performed..but maybe I was too busy watching?  They all did a wonderful job-the music was beautiful! : )  I hope they kids continue in the spring choir.  (I mean they have the uniforms now..) ; )

And I'm still doing fine.  The baby is kicking my bladder really effectively now, so I'm assuming he's getting pretty of calcium (legs are stronger), and his muscles are well-developed. ; )  Obviously I'm looking pretty pregnant since new people know I'm pregnant-you can really see it now.  I had a lady comment to me today after I told her that it's a boy that she is really partial to girls.  Umm..what do you say?  Especially when I would've loved a girl?  I said nothing.  (Didn't know what to say, so I said nothing..Isn't that what momma teaches?)

Before church today, I was setting up a room in the back to teach Children's Liturgy during church, and Clay was back with the altar servers.  He came and asked me to be a server since there were only four kids there (have to have 1, 3, or 5..don't know why).  I was so surprised he wanted to serve.  Are we making a breakthrough? : )  I mean he likes it, or he wouldn't be on the schedule, but he's never asked to do it when not scheduled.  And he knew by looking there weren't enough?  Hark, was he observant?  HeeHee, I'm so happy for him.  (Of course, I agreed.)

I think hungry tummies are calling..It's dinner time!  I better go.  Have a great week, peeps!  We only have two weeks till Christmas!  : )

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Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

nothing quite like haircuts to make cute kiddos even cuter!
love it when they 'figure out' how to kick the, fun!