Thursday, December 29, 2011

Furniture, Frosting, and a big FiVE!

Oh gosh-I'm so out of the habit of writing! : (  I have to get better.  So many things happen in a day!
My sweet boy is FiVE!
..and Jump Zone is the best for birthdays! ; )
We had Ethan's FiFtH birthday-he's growing so fast!  He chose Jump Zone, and requested boys are fishy-eaters.  ; )  He also still has an aversion to cake after throwing up this summer after my dad's birthday-he's just SURE it was the cake.  So..we got a big cookie
(all covered in same thing!)

make a great wish! : )
He had two bites of the big green train frosting engine, and declared he was going to throw up.  He went out to the car, and held the trash can to his face all the way home.  ( throw up!)

And..I've finally been getting to work on the baby room!  We have partially cleaned out the room..and ta-daWe put the baby bed together.  : )  When we had Clay we bought nice furniture, and we've used it for every child.  But now?  They don't sell the baby beds with the sides that come down anymore (..they are DaNgErOuS!).  I know they are dangerous, but I hate to buy a new one for the last baby..I mean our kids never got out (ok, well, not until they were old enough to crawl over the side and run down to see us!).  Is it worth a new bed?  I do like that they are lower to the ground, and easier for shorter moms to reach over the sides. ; )  But for now, I am happy with our bed.  (Counts, right?)

It's starting to feel like a real baby room-but we are still calling it the office.  I'm sure when it's all ready, we'll start to call it a baby room-just not yet.  We also had to order some new furniture for Ethan's room since we need the baby furniture he's still got!  : )  Since I've been stalking Pottery Barn's website, they've been sending me reminders about stuff I've looked at, and they sent a 15% off my entire web purchase!  (So..I had to order since the furniture was already marked down a little!) ; )  Can't wait to get furniture and get Ethan's traded out!

I also shopped a little..since my computer was all warmed up with all those after-Christmas sales. ; )  I only got some baby bedding (since I'm not feeling like I have time and energy to make baby bedding this time!) and I found bedding with the fabrics I was going to order anyway! (Central Park toile in HorizonBonus! : )  I went and bought some coordinating fabrics today.  I'll need to make an extra blanket, a pad for the changing table..cover a lampshade, etc. ; )  Love extra fabric!

And...we think we might be close to a NaMe.  Yesterday, Ches asked if I was considering any other name (other than Carter), and I said not really. ; )  I feel like it's supposed to be his name.  He told me Merry Christmas, and said he could be Carter, heehee. :o)  Now he gets to pick the middle name (and he's torn between Nicholas, Maximilian, and Xavier), since I'm happy over just having Carter.  We'd decided together on John Carter, but there's a stupid movie coming out this spring (around his due date, no less!) by the name of JOHN CARTER!  Can you believe that?  We were all into the double boy names (love Jean Luc-say it with a French accent! but it doesn't fit us, and Jean Marc, and Ben Luca, and Finn Niclas, ahhh..they are all so lovely and romantic, but alas, not us.)  But, John Carter was different. (American, that is.)  And John Ryan (reminded me of Jake Ryan though!) (Bonus ten points if you can name the movie!!).

ps-We have this really cool Snoopy ap (Snoopy's Fair!), and you can click on the photo booth and take pictures (only Mary Claire can find the photo booth..I've yet to find it myself!), so here are a few of our fun shots:

Such fun..even for a little iPhone ap-turns dinner into a party! : )

Sweet little Ethan-we are so happy you are in our family.  You bring us joy, tons of laughs with your big personality, love with your bear hugs (and Angry Bird attacks!), and even your big mistakes are so forgiven with those precious "I'm sorry's" that come so easy now.  You are precious, and we are thankful for the gift of you!
and as Mary Claire likes to pray..we hope you have another 100 happy, healthy birthdays!  Love you, baby!


Tracy1918 said...

Hi Holly! I'm so out of the writing habit as well. We both need to get our rear in gear!

LOVE the pictures. And adding in the Snoopy characters was brilliant! So glad for a good birthday celebration!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Totally understand the aversion to something that you think has caused vomiting! I took me 30 years to try a hot dog again! Hope it doesn't take that long with cake because I can't imagine 30 years without THAT!! ;)

Ah, the fun of decorating a baby room. My mother and I went to ToysRUs the other night to try to find some squishy boosters for the girls and we had to wait in the 'babyroom' area while they looked them up and I found myself getting wistful for a baby. BUT that ain't happenin', so I'll just look forward to reading more about you!!

Holly said...

Tracy, I *promise* to get my rear in gear!! ; ) haha! And don't you love those Snoopy pix? They are on the screen, so when you take the pix, they are perfectly centered! : )
Denise-ahhh, you don't need just one more cutie? ; ) I'll share then! Hugs!