Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shakespeare and Diabetes

Hey ya'll!  I'm sorry it's been so long-I don't think I've even looked at my computer since Friday or Saturday?  It's been like that.  I won't use that four letter b- word. ; )

Today I'm super thankful for Medtronic and their humans who call.  They know I need supplies-and I keep forgetting to call!  I saw a random number (at 7:30am) on caller id-but HAD to answer (curiosity gets me so many times!), and it was them, checking on us.  I know they make lots of money on our order (usually $750 for our order), but I'm still thankful for a human, not a machine, and that my brain remembers every night that I need to call... (even though they are closed).

Yesterday, Clay had a play at a *Shakespeare Festival*!  Most of the schools in Springdale had performances last night.  His GT group has been practicing after school, and getting ready for their play: A Midsummer Night's Dream.  He was Nick Bottom (a weaver) in the play.  And accidentally (after she was under a spell to fall in love with the first person she saw), Titania falls in love with him after he is turned into a donkey (hahahaha!).  It was funny to watch all the kids speaking Shakespeare's lines (albeit abbreviated!), some super fast, some with so much expression I fell in love with them...it was incredibly entertaining! : )
Yes, that's him on the right when he's turned into a donkey!
I have a sucky old camera, but I did get a picture of Clay in his "costume", and I got about 15-20 minutes of video on my iphone (I ran out of space!).  I wish I'd already gotten a new camera..I have to work on that.  The one I want is really expensive, so I'm reasoning that if I wait...it'll be more valuable to me?  I'll have "saved" up?  It'll go on sale?  Ha!  I'm missing my kids' big moments!!  I will have to remedy the situation. ; )  My blog is much less fun-I'm pretty visual!

Mary Claire came home sick yesterday, and I took her to the doctor.  If you need to come home with a small fever, I need to know why the fever.  She has some fluid in her ears, but no infection yet.  He gave me a prescription for an antibiotic if her fever stays up or if she still feels bad..but she was fine.  She felt up to going to run some errands and going to Olive Garden-and was quite animated.  Then she told me how she was going to take a nap at home (since I was taking her back to school if she was fine!).  That girl-she can work the system!  If she hadn't had high blood sugars for the past two days, I'd think nothing was wrong.  The blood tells the truth. : (

It's Diabetes Awareness Month.  Here's my contribution (incredibly unofficial):  Don't call my child diabetic (it's politically incorrect), she is a child with diabetes.  We don't label people.  (Other examples: You don't have a cancerous child, you have a child with cancer.  You don't have a handicapped child, you have a child with a disability.)  Just doing my part, ya'll, and please don't call her diabetic.  I hate that word.  :o)

and ps: I'm fine, baby's fine-woohoo! : ) Almost 16 weeks, and going for AFP (Alpha-FetoProtein) test today..boo.  But tells if they have a closed spine, so it's beneficial.  (how on earth can they tell that from blood work??)


Misty said...

I SO agree with you on " a child with diabetes!" not a diabetic!!! Hope Mary Claire feels better soon. Happy to hear that you and the baby are doing well. Hope you get that new camera soon :)

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Hope Mary Claire feels better soon! My Max has been home with a fever for a couple of days now. He has no other symptoms - just a fever. Hope Mary Claire's illness is as mild as Max's and it doesn't cause any more high numbers!

I'm right there with you on the labels. I especially liked your "cancerous child" comparison. Our kids aren't diabetics!

Happy to hear things are progressing just fine with you and the baby!

Jules said...

promise i wont call your child diabetic! hope shes feeling better soon!

Misty said...

Oh man! I'm sorry that Mary Claire isn't feeling well. The blood does tell it all doesnt it? Just wish it could actually speak so that i knew exactly what "it" was sometimes! Hoping that she kicks that virus or whatever it is really quickly.

Holly said...

Hey ladies! : ) Mary Claire kept running extremely HiGH! I changed her site twice, and finally filled her prescription for antibiotics (even though the dr said she DiDN'T have an infection) and...she is BETTER! : ) EVen running kind of low. Meds are GOOD!! : )