Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Man Under the Tracks

Happy Sunday! : )  Did you get ANY rest today? ; )  We traveled from one event to another all day today, so I feel bad we did no resting..but we did lots of playing and visiting friends, does that count?

We have had quite a week!  Mary Claire had another choir concert at school for Veteran's Day, and Clay got to call the flag ceremony!  (He was the "Caller", and called out the commands for his boy scout den to post the colors (flag), and he did well..wish I had a good camera!!)  And I had a wonderful book group meeting on our latest book, The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood.  It's a great book-there is a mom (unnamed to protect her identity) who saw visions of Mary and Jesus for months, and she took notes and wrote everything they said.  It's amazing to see her devotion, and also the love They have for families and mothers.  Sweet, sweet book.

We've also had crazy blood sugars, and a fun sleepover!  I took Mary Claire to the doctor last Monday-she'd had high blood sugar numbers, a fever, and didn't feel well.  The doctor said she had fluid in her ears, but no infection.  He gave us a prescription to fill if she didn't get better.  I changed her pump site twice..and even the new insulin, site, and a raised basal didn't help.  Finally, I filled the prescription...and wouldn't you know it..within hours, she was back to normal.  Lesson?  Trust your instinct.  Illness destroys good blood sugars, and antibiotics?  Totally level the playing field. ; )

The sleepover?  Total other story.  I was not nervous (she was at Sandra's, has stayed over before, she's older, and she knew the drill: call if you're low, call if you're high, call if you are getting ready to eat, call before bed, call when you wake up).  But, with all those good blood sugars...she ran low!  She was 122 before dinner, then had so much fun!  She ended up at 52 right before bed (at midnight!), so she had to have some crackers and peanut butter, and at 7am, she was only 70!  Boy, I did some praying Friday night.  Nothing like your child not being under your roof to bring you closer to God!  ; ) 

We had another (well, I think I've had four this week?) God moment this week.  We pray every morning that God will show us who to help that day.  And on Thursday morning?  Clay was moved.  We were on the way to his doctor appointment (and Mary Claire was with us since was was too high to go to school, and Ethan has no school on Thursday..), and Clay saw a man by the railroad tracks with a cart and some bags.  He told me he thought we needed to give the man some money.  I didn't want to tell him no (even though we only had four minutes before our appointment!).  I gave him some money, pulled off by the tracks, and let him go.

He ran, and me?  I freaked out.  (What was I thinking?  That man could be crazy, and hurt my boy!)  Mary Claire and I started praying-she could tell I was panicking.  Then..long story short..we got him back in the car, and rejoiced!  I was so thankful he was okay, and he was absolutely thrilled.  That's all I can call it.  He had fallen, cut his knee, and three fingers were bleeding, but he didn't care.  He had no pain.

In the car, Mary Claire asked him about it, and how much he'd given the man, and Clay looked at me.  We don't talk about giving or amounts, so I told her that in the Bible (Matthew 6:3), it tells us not to let the left hand know what the right hand is doing, and it refers to us not telling others what we give.  She understood: our reward is in Heaven, not here on earth from people.  
Then after we got inside, we bandaged all his fingers (with Spider-Man, Scooby Doo and Dora bandaids).  When the doctor asked what happened to him (looking at his fingers!), he said he fell down.  That's it.  My baby earned a reward in Heaven.  And of course, that amazing feeling inside that comes from listening to the Holy Spirit! : )

Please pray for my friend, Krystal-she's now in Heaven, and pain-free.  And we also got a prayer request for Emilie-she is 36, has three young children, has been diagnosed with brain tumors, and had a massive seizure last night.  Pray that she can come home and will be healed.  We never know what tomorrow brings.

ps-I'm still good, and baby is doing well!  December 5th is our next ultrasound..and legs uncrossed-we'll know what it is for sure!  I can't wait. ; )  Sending hugs your way!


Jen Snow said...

I am so gald that you and baby are doing well!! Take care of you!:)

Jules said...

uncross those legs little bubba!!!! do you have baby gear from the other kids at all, like do you have any preference as to what gender you'd like, or actually FEEL that it is? I have been dead wrong with my kids twice hahahaha.