Monday, August 22, 2011

The Making of an American Girl Bed

So..yesterday we had a little extra time (no, my baseboards aren't dusted or my laundry put away..but it was Sunday! haha!) (and they never are and it never is!)

Anyway, we've had this piece of wood for a while..and Mary Claire finally figured out what it was for.  I'd bought it about a month ago with the intention of making her an American Girl bed..but then it got SO hot!  (My tools are outside..and the large amount of wood shavings keep them outside.)

But, even in the 100 degree heat..we persevered (and dripped).  First I measured her doll.  We determined we wanted her bed 12" wide x 24" long.  (She has a little room for a buddy in bed and a dog at the end.) ; )  Then, we decided it should be 4" off the ground.  (Easy math, people.)

So, I drew all the dimensions:

Then I added a rounded top to the headboard and footboard (I folded a piece of paper in half, cut it till I was happy, then traced the paper.)

Then I cut a 2x4 into a 12" length, cut it down the middle lengthwise to use to nail my pieces to.  Obviously I didn't take pix of me all sweaty over the saw..but here are all five pieces together.

Then, I covered the headboard and foot board with batting and stapled. (with my regular stapler-the wood was too thin for my big staple gun!)

Then I monogrammed some fabric (Too Tiny), and made a slipcover for the headboard and foot board.

Finally I added a sheet/bedskirt (the two are connected together, and it just lays over batting stapled to the bed like a mattress: three layers.) and a quilt. : )  (The pieced quilt-looking fabric came all sewn together..I'd bought it to make her a dress, but never made it! matches her bedding!)

Oh..and a PiLLoW! : )  See how tiny her name is?  Poor planning...

But she likes it just fine. : ) American Girl bed, and Mary Claire is happy.  And I think it cost about $5.  So much better! : ) heehee  ...and we can change the bedding and headboard covers! : )  (..and there's actually enough wood for one you need some wood?) ; )


Stephanie said...

SO CUTE!!! Okay, so here's where I am actually crafty too...I made Sydney an American Girl doll bunk bed out of scrap wood. Turned out great...but I don't have that cute bedding you have. LOVE IT!

Holly said...

Do you need some? Give me the measurements for her beds and her room colors! ; )

The Ware's said...

So cute!!! You guys did a great job!! :o)

The Mom said...

FABulous!!!! Thought of taking up politics?? Xo

Jen Snow said...

that is pretty awesome!! :) Great Job Holly!

Unknown said...

SERIOUSLY!? Honestly!? Every time I come over here I feel like more and more of a LOSER! While I am out playing street hockey you are playing with glue guns!!!

LOVE YOU HOLLS...missed you while I was gone. xo

P.S. The bed is GORGEOUS!

Holly said...

Thanks, ladies!! : )
Haha, Mom.. I have strong views, and they don't completely align with either side!! : )
Reyna-HAHAHAHA! You make me laugh! Please don't feel like a loser, that makes me sad. : ( You are wonderful! ANd after seeing Stephanie's bed..mine is not so awesome. Her's is all painted..and a BUNK bed! : ) ..but thank you!
Mary Claire had fun, and that counts!! She even hammered. : )

Stacy said...

OK really? I think you are super mom. What gives? I have no time, yes I have dusty baseboards and dusty everything else, granted I love to quilt BUT YOU OPERATE POWER TOOLS!!! WOW I am in awe.....bed is so cute I know Isabelle's Julie would love it..... I agree with Reyna- I feel like a looser.....sigh