Friday, August 26, 2011

Yelling and Whispering

Hey ya'll!  I'm coming to you L-i-V-E from...Branson, Missouri! : )

We've shopped till we dropped, and we've dropped at the hotel for the night.  We always take a shopping trip around my birthday..woohoo! : )  We found some good deals (Polo was 30% off the entire store, and then I had a coupon for 20% off my purchase ; )  Good thing..since Ches asked for 4 white polo shirts!!  What?...Yep.)  It's been a great day.  We also got to see our friends Dina and Sara who live here! : )

I've accepted that my kiddos are growing up..I made my maiden voyage into...Aeropostale!  The music was sooo loud-it was like being at a concert.  I actually had to yell at the employee and lean my ear to listen.  I wanted a size chart, and they didn't have one.  I had NEVER been in there, but heard from the "cousins" at the shore that it's a cool place to shop.  And it was, but there was a learning curve.  (for my fellow unexperienced Aero-shoppers, they only carry juniors sizes!) (so..your young child, 9 or 10-ish, will wear an X-Small, FYI).  I was totally asking if a Medium was 7-8 or 8-10.  They couldn't figure out what I was talking I know why. ; ) haha, what an experience.

And tonight we went to the IMAX to see Tornado Alley.  It was not as emotional as I thought it'd be (especially seeing it with Angie, my friend from Joplin).  It brought up so many memories, both of tornadoes we've lived through, and the ones that have taken lives in ou lifetime.  They are still doing research to give us a 15-20 minute lead time to take shelter.  I'm thankful for the time and energy the TIV and VORTEX2 group has put in for our safety.  And thankful for the National Science Foundation for giving them a grant to continue their research.

and Tomorrow, more shopping! : )  I'm so thankful for our families, and the time they gift us with each year.  It's a restful, recharging, verbal catch-up : )  I love it, and need it.  I'm praying for you to have a recharging weekend too!  Call, visit, or email a friend and talk about your life.  Sometimes we have to share a whispered secret. ; )  ..maybe I'll share one with you?  heehee  Sending you big hugs! ; )


Tracy1918 said...

We just saw Tornado Alley too! Good, but scary!

Unknown said...

YAY for a little reprieve :) Enjoy!