Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back-to-School Top Ten

There are things I *love* about back-to-school time, and things that make me not-so-thrilled.  Let's see if I can sum up the greats in just ten:

10: Buying school clothes!
9: Buying and organizing back-to-school stuff (I really like it..sorry!)
8: Seeing friends and other parents! : )
7: Writing those first-day-of-school notes for their lunch boxes!
6: I'm up and moving super early.
5: The laundry is more likely to get finished (and put away!)
4: The kids are passed out by nine. ; )
3: They are so happy to see me after school!
2: Grocery time alone. ; )
1: They have AMaZiNG rules! : )  All thank you's, yes sir's, and no bragging:

And the not-so-greats for people like me?
Yep, read the starred area entitled Late Fees.
Late Fees do not apply to paying your (automatic draft) late.  No, they mean if your four-year-old is late to preschool!  Can you read the print?  50 cents/minute/student (thank goodness it's only one!) for the first ten minutes, then $1/student/minute after ten minutes!! Umm..maybe we'll be on time?

And tomorrow? American Girl Bed! : )

*I remembered another one... #11: Sometimes I can sneak in a nap! : )  Do you have any more to add?


Jen Snow said...

I'm enjoying the earlier bed times! :) Although, it's hard for me to get earler to bed and I'm the one that has to get up the earliest in the morings!! :( I'll get there...eventually! LOL Jen

Unknown said...

Don't be a minute late for preschool.


Happy School Year :)

Holly said...

Jen- I KNOW!! I am getting up first AND going to bed last!!! I'm hoping I'll have it down within a couple more weeks? : )
Wendy-girl, I know it!!! We were a few minutes late today, and I was adding in my head...$2.50. Not bad. ; ) haha!

Rachael said...

I LOVE your blog design it looks awesome! Wow, if the world ran on a schedule of rules, and late fees, this world would be perfect! ;)

Thanks for the awesome post!