Thursday, August 18, 2011

She's Growing Up

My little girl is growing up (heck, all my kiddos are!), and I'm all emotional.  There are sure her getting taller (and when she stands on the kneeler at church, she's taller than me), and wearing older, less ruffle-y clothes, and wanting to carry a purse.  Then, there are the days she doesn't wear a bow..that make me cry.  Not because she wants to spread her wings (although she does), but because her hair looked better that way..and it did.

And..earlier this week, we got to go with friends (Leigh and Emma!) to get Mary Claire's first real pedicure and manicure!  She's had the little painted nails (even in a salon) before, but never the Real Deal.  She got it all..while enjoying her royal seat watching 3-D Tangled.   How much more spoiled can you get?  ; ) (I must admit Leigh and I were across from them watching while we sat in our warm massage-y chairs getting our own nails done!) Absolutely the best of both worlds! : )  Here they are:
talking and smiling, and doesn't that foot scrubbing tickle!?

She could totally be a princess full-time.  (Next time she will wear shorts.) ; )

They are drying..

Check out the blue/white zebra with silver sparkles along the edges!

And the pink/white zebra with silver sparkly edges too.  Pretty.

Sweet, sweet girls...glad we all got to go together! : )

And then..(because who wants to mess up your nails cooking?) we had dinner at Olive Garden together!  Yum!  They practiced good manners and everything. ; )

And then reality..Ethan started school Tuesday morning.  We were all r-e-a-l-l-y sleepy, but we made it by 9..he was so excited!  (and I was thrilled he was excited..I never know!), Mary Claire had dressed herself and done her own hair (and she always chooses ponytails):

And then, the very next day, my big kids started school.  And they look amazingly older than last year.  Really.  (It's partly the no-bow look, and partly that they just aren't those squishy-cheek little kids anymore.)
*Love* these kids.
And..bow or no..still beautiful.  And Clay in his clean hair with those glasses?  Adorable!!  Can you love them more as they grow up?  I think so. : )

And for old first-day-or-school picture:
I's only from 2009, but that's as far back as my digital pictures go on this computer. ; ) TWO years!  I am so thankful to God for watching over us, and getting us this far.  Parenting is not an easy task, and I'm not the best, but I'm thankful God's graces are new every day! : )  I pray they all have an awesome school year, that they learn, and that they impact their classes in a positive way.  (and keep growing..but slower?)


Stephanie said...

How fun! I am waiting for the day when my daughter wants to do manis/pedis. I think I have the only 8 year old girl in the universe who doesn't like her nails painted. :)

You have such a beautiful family, Holly!

Unknown said...

I so wish Bridget would wear hair accessories. I always have in at least 2 if not 5 hair accessories...bobbie pins, head bands, sun glasses, pig name it!

Your kids are gorgeous and I am wishing them a wonderful year Holly.

Leigh said...

Hahahahahaha!! I started reading last night but I was on my phone and in bed after the 2am check so I didn't get to comment. But also I was laughing so hard... about the manners part. So let me just rephrase that part... "and Mary Claire practiced good manners, while we all tried to impart some of those manners on Emma, who was clearly lacking in that area." *head down in shame*
We had a great time!! And I hope your kiddos have a great school year!! Love ya!!

Meri said...

So much fun, and so so adorable! Your children are beautiful! Have a wonderful school year!

Holly said...

Aww..thanks, Stephanie!! : ) She'll like it soon enough! haha!
Reyna-girl, does she like bling? Get her some sequins or glitter! Or maybe some decorated rubber bands? Can I make her something?
Leigh-Oh, girl! SHe was good, and took lessons. Hahahaha! don't be embarassed, she's in first grade!!
Meri-you are so sweet, thank you!! Hope your boys have an awesome year! Hugs!! : )

The DL said...

awwww sooo sweet! That nail place looks so fun!! Way more fun then the place I go!! haha

Holly said...

It was totally fun!! I loved the zebra stripes, and I have to say..even though they cut my nails too short, my pedi still looks great! ; ) and you totally need a 3D movie to relax you! ; )