Monday, October 5, 2009

Opportunity Knocking

Is any day easy?

Ethan has been in a rebel-mood. He has rebelled from his big boy bed, and we've all shed some tears. He began Thursday or Friday screaming that his room was "scary", and when asked, finally pointed to the curtains, then the blinds, then the neighbor's house (like I can change the Party House). It's scary to all of us (especially on Saturday night with the flood lights and music blaring). So, unchangable things not withstanding, we rallied on. We added a lamp on at night (with new 15 watt bulbs from Lowe's-yes, they exist and fit your existing lamps!), then added a daddy sleeping with him, then let him sleep in Clay's bottom bunk, then he crawled up and slept with Clay on Saturday, then he pushed Mary Claire out of her bed last night, and I found her on the floor this morning!

We've now set back up the crib, in high hopes that at least one of us will get some decent sleep. He has yet to sleep in it, but we're trying. He didn't have a nap today-he kept going through his bathroom to Mary Claire's room, then he locked himself in Clay's room. Yes, horrible. Did I fear? No, I stood thinking and saw Opportunity Knocking. Let's see. What is nap time for? Two things. One: to give Mommies a break and time to get some things done (or nap if they've had too many hours on their feet outside pulling the wagon and chasing a toddler down a hill!). And two: to help the little angel get some rest so he makes it through the rest of the day in a good mood. So, it's to help us all get in a better mood. Well. If I got some stuff done while he was locked in there (self-inflicted, of course, since the lock is on the inside), who am I to barge in and ruin his good time? I let him stay (and he MiGhT have slept), and I got some work done and phone calls made! So, one bird with one stone is not too shabby.

It was not a horrible decision as now he's sleeping like a baby in his bed (since he's so darn exhausted!). I can't say it was an easy bedtime, but he's asleep. We did the same routine as nap: three stories/books, prayers, five songs worth of backrubbing, and then I told him I had to go night-night (in my own bed). He screamed at this earlier today, but tonight went back to lay down (small cheer for No Screaming!). But then. I went downstairs, and Mary Claire came right down: he was in her bedroom! Then it was Clay! I went back up, told him to get in bed and lay down, stood by his door, and kept looking in and standing guard. Every time I saw him sitting up, I told him to lay down. Eventually, he fell asleep (9pm). This is better than last night, or even nap, so I am thankful. It's progress, and any is good.

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