Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doctors and Experiments!

Well, it has left Mary Claire and migrated to Ethan. : ( I took him to the doctor early yesterday morning, and now he's on Tamiflu also (well, kinda. He won't exactly take it. We're working on him swallowing his $70 medicine, ugh.).

He finally peaked yesterday with a 102 degree fever. He was up again in the night last night (well, both in body and in temp!). He's just not sleeping well lately. We had it figured out, but now he's up a couple times a night, every night. It makes for some pretty sleepless nights (in Springdale!).

I took Clay for a doctor's appointment yesterday for screening for ADD. He was fine, and realizes it is not because he's not smart or good. He has to see a child psychologist next Wednesday to see what they think about him. I'll talk alone to her, and then Clay will visit with her. I just want to help him focus on his work and maintain his self confidence. When he gets papers home with big writing on them, he doesn't feel so good. He tries, and he's never had so much trouble before. Here's hoping it'll go well, and we'll figure something out.

I have been busy planning a Halloween party for Clay's class. I'm a little ADD myself, so I'm jumping from one thing to the next. I have water bottles to label/wrap for Mary Claire's class, paper plates to paint/hole punch/and cut for Frankenstein's head (I'll show you a picture later!), and silver cording to cut and bag in the kids' little kits. It should be fun! Tomorrow you'll get the low-down on the party. They will have a Use Your Brain! theme, and it's all candy-experiments and learning (well, they don't know they're "learning"!). I guess it's the teacher coming out in me? And my massive love of candy/chocolate?? Heehee One of my friends from high school is supplying the brainy cupcakes (just adorable!!), and we are getting ready! I hope Mary Claire's party is great too (I'll only be at the end of hers!).

If you want to join in the antics, gather the following by Saturday, and I'll have your candy science experiments posted!
Skittles (divided into two groups)
M&M's (divided into two groups)
Sweet Tarts, at least a couple packs of three
some type of vinegar
Wint-o-Green mints (Lifesavers brand, they are white with green flakes)

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