Sunday, October 11, 2009

Christmas Cards in October!

The Christmas planning has begun. We have bought the kids some Christmas presents (and we aren't buying very many things this year as they complain about cleaning their rooms, Mary Claire wants a smaller room and she wants me to throw her stuff away-yes, really). We got them each a Nintendo DSi game (did I already tell you that?) or system thingie, and one game. Last night Ches and I went out and we got them laser tag things (4 of them), so we could all play. These will probably be from Santa, unless we have The Discussion before then! We are still working on Ethan's gifts. What to get an almost three year old?? That he doesn't already have?

I have a letter I wrote to myself after Christmas of 2005 (it went poorly), and I put it in my calendar and reread and edit it every year. It was a letter to the me of the future, to not make the same mistakes again. Don't you want to write to yourself and remind yourself of the important things? And don't you love to get a letter from someone who truly cares about you (and your sanity)? I do! So, I'm taking notes and getting ready.

I have to remember to start my Christmas notebook early.
Tabs/sections for. . .
Church: MUST go to Children's Mass, or Ches is really unhappy, so plan pizza if you have to on Christmas Eve
Clothes: party outfits and matching outfits for the kids for pictures, parties, Christmas Eve Mass
Food: Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinner menus and plan, cookies, desserts, gifts of food for neighbors, buy wine early
Decorations: plan for decorating and list of dates to have stuff done by (outside lights or not-we blew a light outlet last year!, Christmas trees, stuff to buy, list of stuff to use that we already have, what to not do this year
Christmas Card List/Address List: I've never done a picture card before, but I am this year!! And get this. I've already ordered them, they'll be in next Saturday!!! I'm going to have it so easy this year!! (I hope!)
Picture Schedule: We usually do this for our cards, but hahahaha, don't have to this year! Well, we'll probably take one to keep, but not to mail out. So, much less stress. We usually get our pictures made the day after Halloween, no joke. It's not busy at all, and the kids don't change that much. : )
Gifts: get the lists and shopping done by Thanksgiving, buy extra gift cards for surprises or game prizes on Christmas, get stocking stuffers early too!
Sanity: schedule a day out alone after everyone is home for break: last minute things, grocery shopping, nails done, etc. Plan babysitter for this day by December first!
and finally, Kids: stop every day in December to play with the kids: read/write/game/cocoa/cookies-it's great for de-stressing, and keeps kids from feeling my stress and acting up!
Ps: who do you know that was alone on Christmas last year? They should come hang out this year! : ) If they'll come...

So, I've already told you, but I really did order my Christmas cards. It took me most of the day (yeah, little obsessive), but it's done. I did a collage picture card with five pictures (two family pix and three individual close-ups of the kids), and it's just adorable. I edited each one: sepia (fade out, so little color), and did a vignette around all the edges so they fade to black around the outsides, then ordered them online. It was easy, just time consuming. I'm now looking for some cute stamps to add to the envelopes so they are colorful. I found a "Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas", and it's awful cute! There used to be one with "Sandy Claws" and "Jingle Shells" (since I put in our beach picture), but I haven't found it yet. Maybe I'll check online.

Useless Info #1: I think that the big, huge, new cheaper by the pounds (8.3 to be exact) bag of M&M's is gaining on me. I've eaten almost half the bag (or maybe more? only judging by how it feels when I stick my hand down into it..), and I gained a pound already in the last week. I think it's stress. But, what kind of husband comes home with 8 pounds of M&M's?? Apparently the same one who bought 4 pound of fish sticks (115 sticks!), you know, just in case we have thirty kids over for dinner. And they like fish sticks. And we already had two bags in the freezer. We did have a conversation, and he thinks maybe it's from childhood. He always wants plenty of food in the house! I'm okay with his explanation, we just need ANOTHER refrigerator for more backups.

Useless Info #2: Oh, and I'm almost done decorating for the fall. : ) Leaves, pumpkins, etc. are almost all done. I only lack my wreath and my dining room table. I'll get it done this week while the kids are at school. This weekend was just too busy!

Useless Info #3: (seemed silly to only have two!) I got my hair done Friday-Yay!! It's better, still growing out, but good. I got lowlights and highlights, but I'm going to have to only do highlights next time as it's darker or something. Just different. Can't quite put my finger on it. . .

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