Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hard to Sleep with Excitement in your tummy!

What a sweet day. : ) I got kisses blown to me by Mary Claire this morning as she was turning her head-just precious, then Ethan hugged me tight at the post office and in story time. He's so sweet, and sometimes just wants to hold on to me or cuddle up in my lap and be wrapped up tight. He sat down on the floor in story time today, and tried to take his shoes and socks off. When I told him no, he played around during the Hokey Pokey, made his way to the opposite side of the room, and took them off! He was outside my "jurisdiction" and knew it. I just watched and enjoyed the cuteness. He was so proud of himself and danced around the room!

Then when we got ready to leave, he cried when we checked back in one of his library books. The lady was so nice, and said she'd go down and get it (downstairs where the book drop roller thingie leads to where the hobbits and magic mice live). He was crying, and we walked around to wait. They were opening up the front glass doors of the library since it was so amazingly beautiful today-and you could hear the roar of motorcycles on Dickson for BBB (Bikes, Blues, and BBQ). We walked around, then went for a snack at the little stand. He picked a banana (and I wanted to cover him with kisses), and I picked a nice dark, banana bread (I think it was a cross between banana and gingerbread maybe-a touch of cinnamon-very good!). He ate most of his banana before the nice librarian got his book and we rechecked it. It was a good visit (and we got to see Sandra and Nora too!).

My baby slept in his big boy bed for the first time last night. He was up late, and then up early (sounds funny..). He was so excited! Now, it's naptime and he is yelling, "Yay!" for himself, I guess? and playing with noisy things. I've already been back in there once, and he was back in bed by the time I got to the top of the stairs! At least he's smart. I don't know how this is going to go. The bigger kids just stayed in their beds the best I can remember. I know I have Mom-nesia, but I really think they did. Although, I also remember they might have been older? I always wait as long as possible to move them! : )

I've very hungry for meat. I miss beef stew. I haven't had any since last winter, and I'm thinking about it. I had the realization as I was on the bypass, but Ethan did not want to go to Wal-Mart to get a few groceries. If he doesn't want to go, I shall not take him. He'll make me pay. I'll go later. Alone.

He's quiet now, so maybe he's drifting off? Or he's on his way down? : )

I made my friend a wreath last night. I got the stuff while I was out then I just couldn't look at it in the floor. It is easier on the eyes to see it all put together looking pretty than a pile of fall leaves in my bedroom floor! I also finished the veternarian white coat (for Ellie Mae's Halloween costume!). I monogrammed it, but had so much trouble last week. I got my machine adjusted so the bobbin wasn't quite so loose, and now it's much better. I wish I'd taken a picture of the lab coat-it was adorable. I monogrammed the scrubs with her first name, equally adorable. Ches asked if I should do that (monogram in the DVM) since she hadn't earned it yet, and I had to tell him she's only 6!

I think he's really asleep! That didn't take too terribly long. I'm off to get me a nap too. My expectations for today are slowly dropping....


Anonymous said...

Hip, hip, hurray! A big boy bed!

Gigi said...

Glad you had a good day. Your page looks very good indeed, as well as the wreath. I have everything from the 'staged' home. What a flurry of activity is about to happen tomorrow. L&H

Holly said...

Thanks! We are excited too! : )

It was a great day-and he's still so thankful and happy! He keeps saying, "I love my bed!" It's just so precious : )

Ok, call me and I'll get ready for all the stuff. Well, more stuff! : ) I bet you are ready to have furniture again!