Thursday, September 3, 2009

Negative Balance

A teensy update.

Biggest (Recent) Trauma Drama
On Tuesday, I went by the girl scout office/gift shop to purchase Mary Claire's new uniform (since she's a brownie now). The total for the vest, patches, etc. was $40.25. Well, by some odd mistake, the lady charged me $4025. I didn't really freak out (really). They worked on it for a while, and eventually told me they voided it. I left with some copies and signed things, and didn't really think about it again. Until yesterday.

I called to check my balance, and it was $17. I can only say that I don't think I've had that balance since I was in college. Or before. Of course, I freaked out, and immediately transferred $3000 in case anything else was to come through. Well. That was just the beginning of my exasperation. What ensued was lots of yelling and transferred phone calls to the Little Rock GS office. Longer story short, they did it AGAIN. So. Then since my savings is my overdraft protection for my checking account, all my savings transferred automatically. So, then I had $0. I really lost it then, and did lots more screaming. I was actually at a girl scout meeting with Mary Claire (and Clay was reading quietly) when I found out about the second time. I had to get the kids and leave. I thought I was going to explode.

When I got home, Ches took the kids out to swim (thank the good Lord in Heaven for the pool heater) since I had another good hour or two on the phone. Good bye, dinner and family time. They assured me that I'd receive $8050 worth of credit by morning. (trying to shorten the story..) I didn't. *Insert more anger, but I'm drained, and don't have lots more yelling in me, so just some crying* I was supposed to meet Susan at 9 this morning, so I tried to get ready (even though Ethan really wanted to play outside!). Life seems to go on even in the midst of chaos.

I had my hair appointment today. Yes, some sanity and tiny time for me. Ahh...a commercial break in the drama. Then, back to chaos. David, the finance man for GS, called *during* my appointment to check in and find out my balance. I called the bank, checked the balance, and called him back. It was up to $2900, so one of the $4025's had made it in. He told me to check in tomorrow (Friday) to let him know how it was going. I'm sure Taylor was relieved to know he'd get paid!! heehee : )

Just another crazy day in my life. Susan brought dinner to ease my crazy life-so sweet. The kids gobbled it up (including homemade chocolate chip cookies!) which I probably haven't made since Mary Claire was diagnosed! I have certainly slowed down in the bake shoppe department. Those cookies are definitely calling my name. . .

Tomorrow is my big 36th birthday. I guess I still look forward to an anniversary of the day I was born. Every year my world changes so much. I wonder where I'll be in a year. I'm just in the passenger seat, and I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.

The kids shopped and got gifts, and we ate cupcakes tonight with dinosaur rings (kinda girly, kinda boyish, the kids thought). They were wonderful, and my kids were so sweet and excited for me! Clay got me a card and recorded a little message. Mary Claire had made a card at school-you know, those are just the best, full of love! : )

Tomorrow I'm headed to Branson to shop (and maybe some relaxing?) with Angie for the weekend. It's an (bi)annual tradition, and I love it. It feels like I'm helping my family (by buying their winter clothes..or summer clothes!), yet it's for me (as I dearly love to shop!). Just perfect!

I'm praying for a coming year of blessings, whatever they may be, whatever God thinks I can handle. And after watching a great skit/video on youtube, I'm praying that God will chisel me into the masterpiece He created. I still have bits that need refining.

In the midst of crazy town, I forgot all about my Walk shirts. I had messages to turn in the final shirt (size) numbers. I totally forgot. I've emailed now, and I hope they don't push printing. I'll live if they do-I've been purified in the last week. The design is cute, I'll try to post a pix of the front. It's a vintage/tatoo kind of design. It's a heart with a crown and wings with Hero across the heart. : )

I really need some rest, so I should wrap up. I totally meant to type a tiny bit, but I always get carried away. Kinda like the way I talk! : )


Mom said...

Happy Birthday Holly! Hope your day is perfect in every way. Love you!

Holly said...

Thanks, hope it's great. I'm a little nervous to shop after this week though. I get to talk to the finance man, David, every day now. I can only say he's not my favorite man on the planet. And he's really racking up some minutes on my cell phone. : P

Anonymous said...

I think the clerk at the Girl Scout store should be severely reprimanded or something?

Maybe forced to subject herself to wet noodle lashings or something?

Holly said...

Or have $8050 drawn out of her account. Just to see how it feels.

Anonymous said...

Want me to go picket?