Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Growth Process

I won't even say the words. I finished the painting. It's now officially Peony Pink-very coral-y, dramatic, watermelon red. You'd just have to see it (and you WiLL! when my camera battery is recharged). I have rehung the blinds, and picked up some great Peyton drapes (in oatmeal color). They are working. The 84" were way too short, and the 96" are too long for my rod, but I'll compromise. I folded the tops backwards, and clipped them. It seemed easier than having them hemmed or moving my rods. I'm all about the easy right now!

In newer news (since this is all like day-old bread now), we got our hair(s) cut! I got mine done yesterday (and had the wits to refuse the amazing wine and drank water), and got mine cut all layer-y! It's so different, and I felt like Mrs. Brady, all mullet-y this morning when I woke up, but styled, it's okay. It's got body and movement like he promised, so I think I'm ok. Ethan, on the other hand, makes me SaD. His beautiful locks are all gone. It is the saddest thing this week. He has really super short boy hair. I just loved the big full bodied hair he had. I took before and after photos, and they make me cry even now, as they upload.

It's just a growth process. For me. These kids are causing dog-gone growth in me!! This is how you make a Mommy. Give her a couple kids, break her heart, build her up, stretch her out. Cut her hair. Or something like that.


Gigi said...

Okay, I am home now. What do you need?

Ethan is a cutie either way, although personally I liked his long hair.

See you tomorrow..

Love and hugs..

Holly said...

Thank you : )

I loved his long hair. I'm sad. : (
I'll see you around lunchtime! : ) Kids are ready to go!!

Gigi said...

Two little bunnies all snug in their beds

With mountains of books stacked between their heads

One says "Wah, I want to stay up", one says "Yay, it is bedtime and time to read books!"

They both agree to whatever I say, because if not, their own beds they might be.....

Such angels, reading their books, teaching the 'Bella', watching the train circle with speed and with joy, bb guns and being yelled at for pointing at me, a trip to the park with sliding, swinging, running and climbing, coloring, talking to the neighborhood children and discussing the politics of animal care with very serious faces and solutions..

They grow up too fast, much too fast.

They are too smart for me to keep up with their brains, but oh what fun they are. You should have seen Clay demonstrating to the neighborhood girls how to make the BB gun shoot. He was all filled with pride and then, Joyce who is ten, couldn't do it all by herself, so he showed her how, and she still couldn't do it, so he did it for her and she could just pull the trigger and hear the noise, and Busy Mom, there were NO bb's in the little Daisy gun so don't fret.

These precious children will never know life without color tv's, dvds, cds, house alarms with secret codes, garage door openers, pumps and meters, digital this and digital that, and everything else, and they learn it all with ease and with pleasure.

And in the end, all Clay wanted to know is: "Gigi is this your favorite train that you have ever owned?" Then Sissy says "And Gigi, tomorrow can we have as much fun as we did today?"

I had to answer to Clay "YES, and that is so, because you love the train as much as I do." And with that he blew the train horn five more times and we called it a day.....

And yes ms. Sissy, tomorrow will be as fun as today...and maybe more so..

A good nights sleep to all and to all a good night!!

busymom said...

Sounds like they are having a blast!! : ) Sometimes distance makes the heart grow fonder. Good for you, good for me. Thank you, I bet you had almost as much fun as they did. : )