Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can I see your Membership Card?

No breakfast, flat tire, missed Bible study, Sam's for 2.5 hours to get tire fixed, forgot my Sam's card, Ethan jumped in a huge puddle and soaked his legs/shoes, umm..did I forget anything? I can say it's been a rough day.

It was raining this morning, so Ches planned to drive his car rather than bike to work, BUT. He came to tell me that my tire was not-so-full. It was really low (found out it had only 15 lbs. of air) and was undrivable. This was at 8:10am, and I had Bible study at 9! We haggled about what to do, and sweet as he is, he decided to ride to work (did I mention it was RaiNiNG?) so I could have his car. Well. I had to tell him the ugly truth that he is worth so much more to me ALIVE, so biking to work was NOT an option! He disagreed (that he wouldn't die to a crazy, sliding-on-the-wet-pavement driver), and declared he was riding. Insert exasperation here. So I called for backup (well, really to complain to Mom). She asked to speak to him, and he did the loud exhale (which I told her about!) of counter-exasperation. She talked him into driving (me minus a car), and bargained that he could take his bike to work and ride after class and before driving home. He agreed! So, before I could say boo he was gone. I mean, car gone!

So, let's talk about me. Dad said he'd come and air up my tire (with the phillips-head screw in it!), so I could make it to Sam's to get it repaired. I called Kendra since we had a playdate after Bible study, and I was having to reschedule my day. Dad soon got there, aired it up, and when he checked it a few minutes later, it'd only lost one pound of air (in five minutes!). So, put the rush on!

I gathered all my ducklings, shoed them (is that a word?), and got a move on! I figured we only had fifteen minutes at this rate! We made it Sam's as they were opening. They have this Rule. You have to have a membership card to shop there. So. I didn't have mine (and I'm on a time crunch!). I slipped through the door and was directed to Member Services, but tiptoed over to TIRES! The first thing they want is my MeMBeRSHiP card! So, I call Ches to get the number, and give it to them, expressing the time crunch so they'll know if they let it sit, they'll have to jack up the tire to get it off! (side note: so Mary Claire is carsick, tummy hurts, is going to throw up, I check her bs, she's high, give insulin, snacks and then she needs a bathroom break *which MiGHT not require a membership card!*) So, off to Member Services... wait in line... They think it's about time for a new card (since I was pregnant with Clay for the last one), but it's a rainy day (bad hair), I have three kids climbing in and out of the cart (not so conducive to a *Smiling* picture), so they give me a temporary pass (silent thanks to God). We all get some pizza, fill those tummies, another bathroom break, and off to shop...We wander around and end up in books, have some crying, and each child gets a book (saving you from the looonng story), then head back to the tire desk, since I've not heard the All-Call that my van is done! Well, apparently when you walk through the checkouts (without checking out!), they chase you down. I had a nice young man ask if he could help me (I resisted asking him to bbsit whilst I got my nails done..) then he followed me to TLE, maybe not quite believing I had a car back there! So, nope, not done yet (almost two hours now...). So we head back to flowers, as I need a pick-me-up (and it's less fattening than the Martha Stewart Cupcake cookbook might be). We all agree, and Yay! they called my name. We go through the checkout (legitimately), and head to our van! : ) Happiness all around!

And then. There was a puddle that was shouting, "Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!" And yes, my baby made a run for it. He soaked his legs, socks, and little khaki Keds. : ( And then took off through the bark/grass/trees, with me in hot pursuit since he defied my screaming NO's and would have me to answer to (scary!).

Ahh.. we made it home, and I didn't have to let him "Outside!" since he had no shoes. His fault. Heehee, score one for me! : ) So, he's in bed napping, the kids have been yelling back in my room as Clay plays Wii, and Mary Claire judges/watches/sticks Bella's wet feet on his face (yes, Bella her unicorn/sidekick). Now they've been split up after a warning, and are reading quietly. I need a nap too. What a day, and it's only half over!


Gigi said...

Jiminy cricket! Hopefully today will be peaceful and quiet and everyone will be happy.

Holly said...

Yeah, that's what I'm hoping for!
We are cleaning rooms today. Clay got a Diary of a Wimpy Kid (big thing right now) book at Sam's that you fill out for yourself like Mary Claire did for Junie B. Jones. He agreed to vacuum upstairs and clean his room to earn it! So we are deep cleaning the rooms, dusting, etc. We've been at it all morning! : )
Ethan is kinda wild today...we've cleaned up so many messes!!!

Gigi said...

Well I haven't heard from you today, so I assumed you were out and about. Sometimes cleaning does more than clean, it deep cleans the soul as well. Cleaning = Cleansing

Keep our guy (GR) in your prayers that is going to have his back surgery in St. Louis. Bless his heart, his dear Mom tried every thing in the book to avoid this. My heart-felt prayers go with them.

Okay, now about me. I have paint, sawhorses, and read to tackle bookshelves. I am taking your advice. Of course, if it doesn't work out, I'll be calling you.

Do you have caller ID? lol Of course you do.

Just teasing..