Saturday, July 9, 2011


Ok, we've talked about the fact that I a-v-o-i-d conflict at all costs.  I'm avoiding.

I had to come in my room, shut the door.  And tell you?  I had to give myself a time-out before I gave someone bigger than me a Time Out (or tried to).

Argh.  Since when is it okay to give my children butter and sugar sandwiches?  (umm..and gross!)  Not to mention we have a child who doesn't get sugar on anything.  Spenda.  Sub in Splenda.

Apparently he grew up eating butter and sugar sandwiches, and he's decided at ages 10, 9, and 4, that our children should eat these.  Umm..since I contributed 50% off their DNA, and donated a WOMB for nine months to EACH of them, I should maybe get a say about what their teeth and tummies consume?

Oh, and let's just throw in the fact that one of the hungry kids has diabetes?  No amount of mad was going to get me anywhere.  I hate that feeling.  He'd already smeared thick butter, and moved my gigantic sugar bowl (that alone freaks me out!), over by the bread (since he didn't use a plate)..need I go on?  No?  Ok, I'm done.

I'll just pray for peace to come over me.  The sandwiches have been consumed, and my daughter came to say good night (since she knew I was freaking out), and the damage is done.  How do I convey the message that cupcakes at a (social) party are okay (so she isn't humiliated or singled out), but straight sugar at home is N.O.T.?

Thanks for listening. : )  I'll try to have a happy face on tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Love you Holly. I hope you are feeling better about it now. xo

Jen Snow said...

As moms, we worry and plan. We try to figure out what is best for the kids. The some one just does something without truely thinking. I can relate. Hang in there! Sounds nasty...that's like cinnamon toast without the cinnamon, isn't it? ewww. Hope tomorrow is better!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Yuck! I totally love a good slice of bread with butter, but putting sugar on it for a sandwich? Gross!
Hope it didn't wreak total havoc on BGs over night and that you were able to find your calm!

Tracy said...

I hope you were able to make peace with it now. Sounds pretty gross to me.

Sounds like something MY husband would do! He likes to eat peanut butter and cheese sandwiches. I get it.

Holly said...

I'm better, thank you. Sorry I had to's so stressful being a mom, much less managing something that tries to manage us! Ick. I'm working on patience (as always..), and trying to focus on the positive (he was making snack) : )

Unknown said...

Sounds like a donught alternative....kinda?

Glad it's all over and you're feeling better!

Hallie Addington said...

Uh-oh. That DOES sound a little gross. Not so much the sugar part but the butter.... I understand! No one said time outs were just for kids!! :)

Stacy said...

Thank you for bringing back a memory! I TOTALLY remember eating butter and sugar sandwiches and had long forgotten them!! My kids would think that was gross, so I have no worries of them wanting one!