Monday, July 4, 2011

Blissful Memory Loss

Every once in a while we forget Mary Claire has diabetes.  It's not very often, but it happens.  And I'm kinda thankful for those itty bitty moments.

This evening we ran a few errands before we went to see a local firework show, and Ches bought new cereal at Target.  Mary Claire was hungry (she's always hungry, so it's not unusual!), so he fed her some.  He estimated how much he was giving her, and then gave her a bolus.  It's all a gamble.

Next we went to stake out a good Fireworks-Viewing Spot. We got a little bit of ice cream to eat while we watched the fireworks show.  I am sure our first problem was that she doesn't normally eat at 9:30 at night, and it's an estimate-bolus-ratio.  The second is it's a holiday, our routine is disturbed, and I totally forgot to give her insulin till she finished!  We had parked the car, and we were sitting out on a bike path (I know..I was hoping no one came along the path on their bike in the dark!).  She leaned over to set her (empty) cup down, and it hit me!  I'd forgotten-even if just for 10 minutes-that she had diabetes, that it mattered if she ate ice cream.  I find those moments blissful and frightening all at the same time.

Why didn't anyone else notice?  Why didn't she remind me to give her insulin? (she was scarfing down ice cream)  Why didn't her brothers notice? (they were scarfing down ice cream)  Why didn't I remember? (umm...I was scarfing down ice cream?)  But why didn't her daddy remember?  (He was not scarfing down ice cream.  He's all healthy, and orders a drink while we pig out.)  (Yeah, you get used to it.)

I just couldn't believe I'd forgotten.  It was wonderful for a few minutes to have a nice evening, pass out ice cream, eat it, and that's it.  What most everyone else does every day.

(and she was 264 at midnight-I'm sure it was the late bolus!) ...And I was welcomed back to my world : )

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The Mom said...

Happy 4th of July! You take excellent care of MC. Don't beat yourself up over this. Rejoice in how healthy she is!