Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scrappy Flowers!

Hey, ya'll!  How was your weekend?  We began with a relaxing Saturday by the pool (in the spring, Clay has games on school nights), and stayed out all afternoon.  It was 85 degrees here!  We heated the pool just a little bit, but it was 78 before the heat..can you believe we were wearing coats just this past Monday?  Yes, really.  Arkansas is so weird.

Clay relaxing in the sun : )

I cleaned up the glass tables, put out pillows, and we already have big, scented blooms on the wisteria! : )

After an hour or so of sweating, cleaning..and getting shot at from behind and having my clothes soaked, I decided to join them. : )

She discovered the vest matched her swimsuit perfectly!

My littlest fish : )

She's a sweet sister, filling up her brother's inner tube with air.  It must have a hole since she filled it twice. ; )
Today, church, eating out, swimming, sewing, baseball practice, and dinner and evening on the deck.  Sweet Sunday!

I used my Gymbucks on Thursday, and got the kids some clothes.  One adorable outfit Mary Claire didn't like so I have to take it back, and another pair of sale pants-she loved!  But.  There was no cute shirt that matched.  So..I had to make one! : )  I do love a project.
I had gotten a plain white shirt (all solid knit shirts were $7.99 at Gymboree!), so I started by adding her name..

and a flip flop! : )  I just love it, and it matches.  I'd never used this applique, so I was super happy it finished out well! friend Charlene added an adorable picture of a headpiece with fabric rosettes she made this morning on Facebook (she used to have a photo blog, but I can't find it, boo).  I asked her how she did it, and she gave me instructions!  WooHoo! : )  Sooo..I'll show YOU!

Heat up your hot glue gun (on low) and start with 2.5 inch wide pieces of fabric.  Fold them in half length-wise, and I added drops of hot glue to keep them steady.  I also added tulle to one strip like she did.

Tie a knot at one end, then twist the fabric as you go, and wrap in a circle (like a cinnamon roll..), and hot glue every inch or so.

Use the last inch to wrap to the back, and hot glue.  I didn't wrap mine tight enough and I could see daylight through mine, so I covered the entire back.  I just hot glued it all together to keep it secure.  Ugly, but you'll never see it again. : )

Repeat a few times till you have enough rosettes to make a hairpiece.  I added fabric leaves-just cut and fold fabric and hot glue.  I got tons of hot glue on me, hence the low setting.  (Have you ever melted your skin on the hot setting?  I have!)

Then, I cut a piece of felt the size of the hairpiece-total trial and error.  Pile the flowers on with some matching ribbon, sew it all to the felt, then hot glue to a french barrette, and sew on the barrette for good measure.

Here's the sloppy back.  ...It works! : )

And here's our super-cute outfit with matching flower bow that began with sale pants.  heehee

She tried it on and took her own picture-I think she likes it! : )
Ok, that's it.  Go make your favorite little girl a new rosette bow-extremely easy, and the messier the better.  Let your scrappy edges show! : )


Kendra said...

SO cute!! At first I thought it was attached to the t-shirt (adorable), now I see it's a hair flower bow (still adorable)!! I want to make some...too cute! Thanks Holly!!

Char Rexford Kuyrkendall said...

Like I said on FB - totally LOVE the hairpiece, and it looks fabulous with the outfit too! You are right, the messier they are, the better they look! I'm now on to making second one for the other daughter. Isn't it so addicting?!?!?

Holly said...

Kendra-thank you, Laiken needs one! : ) heehee..maybe some peace fabric ; )

Charlene-Thanks, girl!! : ) You are a great teacher! I'm loving the little threads sticking out, and YES, totally addictive! : ) She's been outgrowing bows, so I can have something new to work on! : )