Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sharing Water

Me and my littlest sweetie went out to shop-he was so cute (and a handful!).  I had a $25 off coupon at Pottery Barn, and I just couldn't stand to see it go to waste.  So basically I got us all ready and went spend money to save money.  Seems wrong, doesn't it? heehee

There is a lovely little (man-made) pond at our outdoor mall, and Ethan loves it!  He always wants to throw things in it (coins!), make wishes, and just sit to stare at the water fountain (that keeps algae from growing..).  I snapped some pictures of him with my phone-you know how I am with those pictures from the back.  So quiet and private, but so real.  Like how we see our kids in real life.

Thank goodness Spring is here!  We are super-thankful for warmer days.

Remember this is Holy Week-the highest holy days on the church's calendar, and we are dying to our sin with Christ, only to rise again with Him.  Today is Holy Thursday, and we celebrate the Last Supper with Jesus' disciples and the washing of feet.  Christ was a servant above all, and we have to reflect His love and serve others.

Sometimes it is super hard to put another's need above your own, when you can't see past your own face and problems.  But we can sometimes solve our own problems by listening, understanding (even if we don't like what we hear), and trying to help someone other than ourselves.  It brings clarity.

Today, try to wash someone's feet.  Both really (even your kids or spouse) or just serve another in a humble way.  At our church, the priest really washes a line of people's feet on Holy Thursday.  A few years ago, I was asked to have my feet washed, and at first I was so nervous.  But it was humbling for me too.  Our priest at the time was so sweet, and he poured water and washed and dried each of our feet.  It took a while, but it was moving.

Have you played outside barefoot, then come inside with dirty feet, washed off, and felt so refreshed?  It really is!  And now I understand it.  When you serve your children (we let them sit on the sink counter, and they submerge their feet in kitchen sink), they relax and are so sweet and calm when we are done.  They sleep better.

This is what God wants for us.  To wash our feet and serve us.  He's trying, so can you pay it forward?

ps-we didn't end up buying anything at PB-it was just so fun to hang out together, play with all the lanterns (he loved them!), and be in the sunshine.  SO worth the effort to get out!  Thanks, Pottery Barn for the adventure! : )


The Mom (Pretty says Ethan) said...

Loved the fun yesterday! Ethan hugging everyone wtih such happiness! Then Sissy snuggling up in my unmade bed to watch Charlie Brown on the iPad. So sweet! Clay will be taller than me soon and has a heart of gold! What a great day!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

You let a good coupon like that go to waste?! :)

Happy Easter!

Holly said...

Ahh, Heidi, a girl after my own heart. : )
I know-Crazy! I just couldn't concentrate with Ethan touching everything, and we had to get back since the bigger kids get out at 3!

Mom-me too, I needed some fun. And Ethan hugging Yogi-Loved IT!! He is such a precious child-wild and fun, but SOOOO loving. He's great.
Bigger kids always have fun with you. <3

Unknown said...

I love one-on-one dates with each of my girls. Wandering around together is a genuine gift -- the coupon was disguised as a bonus, but the truth is that spending this special time together was the best deal of all :)

Happy Easter!