Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Pictures, Please

Beautiful days are definitely a gift!  We played outside then went down to the Fayetteville Square to eat dinner at Tiny Tim's Pizza, one of our old hangouts.  Ches had an honors convocation at the Town Center on the square that he had to attend, and he didn't finish teaching until 4:50, and the reception began at 5:30!  We ordered ahead, and he went closer to 5:45.  Then I let the kids visit the bronze Peace fountain which they used to play around when they were little.  I worked really hard to find old pictures of them, but it was pre-digital pictures.  Today's will have to suffice!
It's ten feet around!

I wish I had the old pictures when they were tiny to show you.  It's such a comparison.  They are tall enough to see into the water now!

Time out for a dead bug.

Back to climbing and checking out bugs and coins in the water!

Isn't he darling?  He's telling the water his wish (that he gets a plane!) before he throws his coin in. sweet!
Then we walked around the square, where all those tulips are finally blooming-just gorgeous!
Big, fat peonies!  Hope mine are getting ready to pop through the ground...

I just love pictures from the back..can you tell? : )

How wonderful are these tulips!?  Yes, there's a path through the back! ; )

Check out that flower that broke off!

Wait..there's another dead bug!  ..Let us see!
Check out these tulips.

..and he found something else to climb.

I swear she poses herself!

Check this out.  I guess I should not worry about low self-esteem? ; )

So sweet.  They are growing up right in front of me.
Of course they are climbing.. : )
So sweet..except when Ethan refused to get in the car, and yelled that he wanted to stay and take more pictures with the flowers.  Ha!  What a day.


Unknown said...

I love their self-esteem!!! Looks like a pretty fantastic day I must say!

Hallie Addington said...

Oh my gosh! She and Sweets are a pair!! She poses like that too... Don't know where it comes from but I love it!!!

Glad you heard back from one of the Congress members that signed on the letter! Awesome!! And I'm glad you liked the video! If she's ready, we'd love to see her try! And it's ok to get upset.... It's not fun.