Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chocolate Eggs

Oh my goodness-we had such a full day!
It started with this little man calling my name through
It looks strangely familiar..maybe like a vacuum tool?

And if you are is what the tooth fairy left my big boy:
It was all taped together : )  She's made butterflies, bowties, fairies, and this was a train!

We started with a trip to our local humane society-we'd heard about a puppy mill that got busted (and for drugs and guns too), and they had taken 50 miniature poodles there.  We called early today, but they were almost gone.  We decided to go on over there, even if just to visit the dogs, and think about another animal..

I took no pictures-the facility was surprisingly awful!  It was a quonset hut, and a lot of dogs were in outside pens, and the drive was dirt..just not what I expected.  It was also right by a bread factory, so it had this awful smell of biscuits baking.  Normally I like a hot food smell, but mixed with dog, it was nauseating.  Anyway, we didn't find our dream dog (don't even know what that is!), but we petted lots of them. : )

Then we went to an Easter egg hunt!  It was the first annual Hershey's Easter egg hunt, with proceeds benefiting the Children's Shelter of Northwest Arkansas.  The grand opening was today following the 'Hunt.  We were really surprised that ALL the eggs had prizes-mostly Hershey's chocolate!  After all the kids had collected eggs, I felt bad we didn't donate MORE!  We got so much chocolate! : )
waiting for the "Go!" signal

the little kids got to have a parent help them : )

He had more than enough help opening and checking all his eggs : )

..and he got a Golden Ticket for this sweet Hop bunny!

We discouraged the rock skipping, really.

Big kids all lined up.

Clay is formulating a plan to get the most number of eggs possible.

Isn't it beautiful?  So much potential.

Ready to go!

He smiled, he smiled, he smiled! At me!  : )

Go!  And they are off.  Here's the plan: don't stop for the close ones, head to the middle, and clean up. paid off. : )  She got three Golden Tickets!
They got golden tickets to trade in for things that didn't fit inside the eggs: chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs, a Hop bunny rabbit, and a set of Hop playing cards.  We really had fun-there was a small lake (and the kids threw rocks in), a beautiful play area, concrete walking trails/sidewalks, nice restrooms-I had never even heard of Orchard Park, but I'd totally take the kids back to play-it was huge!

Then we went to Sam's to get me a new flat iron-mine died.  Only Problem?  When I got it opened, I found out it doesn't have a temperature control, so I don't think I can keep it.  I like my hair too much to burn it off.
Well, broke really.  All those parts came out of the inside. : (  RIP Chi.
And then to Chili's for lunch/dinner since we had some extra time..and we played with the Hop cards!  The suits are single white eggs, a pile of colored jelly beans, a wrapped candy, and a multi-colored egg.  So cute!

Next (since we try to cram it all in, and Clay has baseball for 3.5 hours tomorrow + church), we went to the movies to see Rio!  I was concerned at first since it seemed like it was going to be about hooking up the blue macaws to get them to reproduce-similar to that wolf movie, Alpha & Omega.  It ended up pretty good, and I had some tears!  There was also a little orphan boy who got a home, the caretakers got a family, some really wonderful music (Will.I.Am!) and of course there was a happy ending.  So sweet.  I loved the voices (especially Linda's-Leslie Mann-and Blu's-Jesse Eisenberg-remember him from The Social Network?)!  I was happy by the time we left, and there was no hook-up scene, so Thankful.

Then, we made our way home and the kids played egg-hunt-hide-and-seek in the yard till dark, and I cleaned.  Why?  Oh, I don't know.  I just love my new vacuum, and I put on clean sheets.  Just feels all fresh. : )

Hope you had a great Saturday with your family too!  Cherish the days, they fly.  Unlike Blu. heehee : )


Unknown said...

AHHHH sounds super busy. I love my Vacuum Too!!! It SUCKS in a good way - haha. It is a Dyson.

And...what a busy day you had. Bummer on the dog hunt and the bum puppy shelter. Sad.

We did yard work, cleaned a bit, and had company over for the evening. A.GOOD.DAY.

Amy@Diapeepees said...

Oh my gosh, I hadn't even seen your post before I also blogged about vacuum tools -- what are the odds!?!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

That's quite a trumpet! There's nothing like a child's imagination! :)

Your tooth fairy is creative! I'm impressed.

How disappointing about the humane society.

The Easter egg hunt looked like so much fun. That's the stuff memories are made of.

By the way, I love, love, love your Walk t-shirt design! It's fantastic!!!

Holly said...

I can see that vacuums are fascinating! Kids are so creative. I'm glad they see something instead of just a tube (or potential work?). heehee
Thanks, Heidi! That was last years design, and I'm think, think, thinking about this years! : )