Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gala Adventures

What an Adventure in Wonderland!  Tonight was our JDRF Gala-and Mary Claire had so much fun...after she warmed up! : )

We got her ready-fresh straight hair (as requested, Mama misses curling her hair!), painted nails, and a sweet new dress and shoes.  She couldn't wait to get dressed-she was ready long before me!

Here's Mary Claire when we were leaving the house:

And then, we got there and had our pictures taken (and printed!) courtesy of HP (thanks, HP!):
So..I was a little uncomfortable-I totally changed my clothes 10 seconds before we left, and I was thinking NO ONE would see me! : O

She however, rocked it! : )
Then we greeted people until all the kids were h-u-n-g-r-y!  We went to the back room, met and ate, and played.  She was kinda nervous and shy at first...

And then, she began to warm up, talk, and dance (and chase), and then it was Time.  Time to go out to help with the live auction and Fund-a-Cure.  She began by taking turns walking clipboards out to the live auction winners for their signatures.  We enjoyed getting to say thank you to the people donating for a CURE!
Taking things in..waiting her turn in a short line to get live auction signatures.

They are just precious! : )  And Megan's hat?  Adorable!!

She's finally all warmed up and HAPPY!

So she began to Dance and spin.  No one was dancing (this was Live Auction time)-they danced to their own tune-so sweet!

I could not tell them to stop-they were so sweet, and they are after all..Kids.

Mary Claire and Emma (Emily)

Mary Claire walking a clipboard out to the registration desk--thanks, Disney, for the awesome sets!

This is right up her alley. : )

Check out that mushroom! : )

And was Fund-a-Cure time.  She held up the first sign, the $5000-she was SO nervous!!

Jonathan in the cool Mad Hatter's hat!

Mary Claire's turn!
Aww..what a night.  We really did have fun, and we met new friends-the kids truly had an awesome evening, and for that I'm super thankful.  And I'm thankful for the (over) $200,000 that was raised tonight! : )  A CURE for Diabetes?  Priceless.


Unknown said...

WOW! I wish we had Gala's in Vermont...looks wonderful Holly! You and Mary Claire looked Mah-Ve-Lous!!!

The Mom said...

Pretty pretty girls!! Love you both and looks like you had a fun evening!!