Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today was Clay's first day as an altar server at church.  He was not really nervous, as he's grown up there, and he's very familiar.  When I got to Clay's PRE class to pick him up today, he was gone!  One of the other boys in his class was also serving today, so they left at 10am! (about 15 minutes early, and 30 minutes before church started!)  I didn't say anything, but I got Mary Claire and met them over there.  He was already dressed in his white robe.  I hugged him and gave him a kiss, and one of the boys asked if I was his mother.  I said yes, and he said, "Nice to meet you!"  I was just sure he was going to tease Clay about me kissing on him, but he was so sweet!  I told him he had wonderful manners and told the boys to help Clay.  I felt better about leaving him after I'd met that sweet young man!

The family who was going to teach Children's Liturgy during Mass was out of town for their son's soccer tournament, so I said I'd teach it.  I set up the materials (near where Clay was getting ready), and Mary Claire helped.  I'd texted one of my friends this morning to see if she'd help out since Ches is not into guiding 30 or more kids into a small room and keeping them corraled for 30 minutes while we teach.  (Wonder why?)  She agreed (bless her!) and we did absolutely fine for having had no preparation (no prereading the lesson...just winging it!) Ha!  Well..Mary Claire and I did pray before Mass that Veronica and I wouldn't be nervous, and that it would go smoothly like the last time.  She's a great prayer partner! (and sometimes she thinks of things I've never thought of!)

Then, I tried to take pictures of Clay processing into the church with the opening song and up front, but they were really bad.  I'd forgotten my camera after the Children's Liturgy emails and texts, and my phone is NOT made to zoom! : )
I'm well aware that these aren't very good, but let's just pretend.. He's the third boy in white that you can see.

This was at the very end, and he's in the very center of the picture, looking tiny from our spot.

Last one-can you see him better?  Closer, but more blurry.  Maybe I'll do better next time?
He did pretty well until he carried up the offering basket (with the entire church's offering-he told us it was heavy!) and didn't know where to put it.  He carried it around the altar, then over by the tabernacle, then finally the other boys were telling him to put it in front of the altar.  I think he was embarrassed, but he didn't say anything.  His sister kind of made fun of him at dinner, but he didn't get too mad.  I was so proud of him for #1) going to the training, and #2) wanting to be an altar server, and #3) being willing to do something new (even I get nervous!).

Only thing drawing more attention than the offering basket?  All the blood checks and beeping over on our pew!  Mary Claire had some strange high blood sugars after being only 76 at breakfast..weird.  She did get a bag of Easter candy in class this morning, but promised she hadn't eaten anything.  We always like to eat out after church, but she'd have to be in range.  ..Oh, and we had Ethan whining for his big brother..he wanted his Clay!  What a morning.

There wasn't much downtime today after lunch out, a baseball scrimmage, girl scouts, dinner, and some cards with Mom!  They did get late baths, some brief reading, and they are all passed out.  It's been a l-o-n-g,  productive weekend, and I'm sooo thankful it was so sunny and warm! : )


The Mom said...

Thanks for a fun evening and delicious meal! I honked at the kid's to wave goodbye but I think the trampoline was much more interesting, so I don't know if they saw me waving.

Clay is precious in the photos. His smile radiates in whatever he does. We are so proud of him! L & H

Holly said...

You are welcome! : ) I know, they are quite taken with the neighbor's trampoline. I just hope when summer comes, we can repay them with swimming time for the kids! : )

I know, he is sweet. He did great!! : )