Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Need a Repair?

Did I ever tell you what was wrong with my garage door opener (that the guy checked for four days in a row)?  I figured it out-myself!  It didn't work in the morning (kept going back up!), but it worked in the afternoon and night.  Hmm. we have an east-facing garage, so it's in the sun.  I finally figured out it was the beam (I know, obvious, right?), but that's not all!  I got down to clean the one that was in the sun, and I could see this tiny stick (maybe just stiff piece of grass) that was only about a quarter of an inch long.  When the breeze blew it, it moved in it's spider web, and made the door go back up!  I cleaned the lens, moved the teensy piece of grass that's caused me stress since..oh..April? and Voila! It works great now!
Do you have a problem?  I'm quite the fix-it person! : )
I'm off to Bunko-I need a night out! : )  Danielle and I spent all day (10:30 till after 3!) working on tickets.  And I had Mary Claire home again-fever, again!  It's so strange-she's absolutely fine.  I took her to the doctor, and he says he's had four other strange fevers-flu-like symptoms, but test negative.  And, she's already had her flu mist over two weeks ago. She just has to stay home till she's fever-free.  We may get crafty this week!
So..I'm not pregnant-it can be assured now. ; )  I'll keep working on it, I talked to my LR doctor's office this week, and they offered more help, but I think I may try another month.  I can't decided whether to stay on the meds again this month (since they obviously didn't help last month!), or just go natural again.  I read that Clomid makes hostile mucus, so maybe that's my problem? (I know, TMI), just quit reading now! : )  On to another month-SO frustrating.  Pray for us, God's will for our family, and if it's His will, a healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby at the end. : )


Mary Ella said...

I need lots of repairs!!! I will start making my list.

Holly said...

Heehee-call me, girl!! : )