Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birds and Bees and Groceries

Now, would you like to know what I've spent that on?  I was in Quicken (the newest version, which I don't like), and I accidentally pulled a report.  I meant to pull one for the current month, but it pulled ALL "Dining" transactions!  This is the amount I've spent on the category "Dining" since I started Quicken in 2000!  I knew we ate out..but that means.. about $349.84 a month?  How is that even possible?  I asked Ches what his estimate was-and he said $50,000!  He is precious-not even surprised.  I expect him to cow out, then promise no more Diet Cokes at the drive-thru!
So, for fun, I pulled our grocery bill since then (since Ches asked about it!), it was $124 thousand and something (stupid Quicken crashed!) (it was surprised too!).
Good golly, back to budgeting...I obviously need to work on it more.

And then we went out (to eat and to the movies!).  I know..more adding to my total.  I totally know it's bad-but we already had a babysitter (and we totally need time together alone-it's worth investing in!).  We finally saw The Social Network.  It's been out so long (since the first of October!), so we are kinda slow.  We haven't had a date since then!  It was really good (not amazing), and so interesting.  I'm wondering how truthful it is.  I didn't know about it for a while-in the movie it was mostly designed for college students, and I was way out of college!  I'll have to read more about it.  I was shocked to see at the end that Mark Zuckerberg gave the Winkle-vi (hahaha-have to see the movie!) 65 million! and gave Eduardo an undisclosed amount of money.  I can't even imagine!   I was so shocked until it said that the site was now worth 25 billion.  Holy Cow.

I have no crafty things for you. : (  I laid around in bed all day-reading and sleeping.  A truly lazy day.  I still haven't finished Bringing Up Girls (it's got some hard stuff in it-I can't believe how the world is pushing sexualization for young girls.  I believe it happens, but Oh My.).  It scares me, and maybe I don't want to deal with it.  Ches and I talked about it some more this evening, and I found out he had The Talk with Clay already-what?  I had told Ches some time ago that Clay would have to know the truth soon, and Ches thought I meant sooner rather than later.  He didn't mention it the day they talked-I wish I'd known!  I would have been so much more sensitive.  (maybe that's why he didn't tell me?)  Now, I'm wondering about Mary Claire.  I don't think Clay has told her anything or she'd have asked me.  She's very open and tells me everything (I think!).  She seems so innocent-maybe another year?  I'll wait unless she asks more questions.  It's a hard thing.  I've told her all about periods (which wasn't that hard), but the birds and the bees?  That's a hard one.  My mom always told me everything, the best I can remember-I don't ever remember not knowing what really happened, but it makes me nervous to tell my kids!  I'll pray about it! : )

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