Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Magic Kitchen

Hey there!  How was your day? : )  We had the usual...Sissy came home early due to a fever-100 degrees, but I had stuff to do!  I don't know if it's her ear infection (from Friday) or something new.  She was totally fine and happy, so I don't know.
Her with her new orange and black rubber bands

I had to go get her sans shower (my least favorite!), but I got ready, and we went Out!  I had to first find tickets somewhere for the Hoedown-and my friend Danielle found some at Party City, but they were kinda expensive.  I went to Wal-Mart, and they were almost half price, so we got a deal!

Then we shopped for Play-Doh (emergency-hahaha!).  I did learn that they only have good colors when school starts, but not now!  I needed some for Ethan, but they had pink and purple (not his favorite!)..I'll stock up next fall!

Then we came home and started on her project to go along with her book club: There's a Boy In the Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sachar.  She had a few choices, but hers was to make a diorama of Bradley's room!  Boy, could we get into that! : )  We had a box of clothes at our door when we got home (yay!), so we cut off the top of the box, made a door and windows, then worked on decorating.  She picked out some fabric for his room, and got some doll house furniture-so cute!  We cut out pictures from PB Teen for his wall art (and fake shelves, trash can, etc.) then made him curtains and a poster thing with his monogram.  He had no middle name in the book, but she made one up!  She said she thought it should be Seth.  Good, Mary Claire, very creative! : )

So, then we got Ethan, she worked on her school work, and I started dinner: chicken chili. and we made a PiE! : )  Ok, not a totally homemade pie, but still!
We started with a premade pie shell, baked at 400 for about 13 minutes, isn't it pretty?:
While it cooled, we made the filling.  We aren't fancy and insist on homemade, so we used boxes!  We used little boxes of pudding-both coconut cream and cheesecake.  We followed the pie filling directions, and reduced the milk.  Mary Claire mixed them:
(and it started getting all over, so we had to move it to the sink!)
(Yes, he's wearing his batting helmet all the time now.)
Next, we made meringue!  This was a new experience for me..but we called mom, and got some advice! : )
We used five egg whites, 6 tablespoons of sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla.  We mixed it for four minutes on HIGH and it was sooo thick!

I always thought it'd be more like Cool Whip, all whoopy, but no-THICK!  I had to smear and spread it, then make it kinda level so I could get the coconut to stay on.

Then into the oven at 350 for 14 minutes (long enough to brown the coconut!).  We enjoyed the extra filling, the beaters... and some spatulas...

And, voila-a beautiful pie came out!

We couldn't wait to eat it!  This picture isn't the best, but it was yummy! : ) We did wait till after dinner with our new friends:
Yes, grasshoppers.  Clay and his friends collected them after school today, working on a boy scout project.  He's journaling about his time with them. (haha!)  They soon went out to the deck-it was freaky-they were all three down by the holes in the lid begging for freedom.  The holes were awful big; I just knew they were going to crawl out!  He eventually let them out, yay!  He can't wait till tomorrow to catch more to write about.

Then the boys headed out to play ball.  Clay is wanting to try catching, so Ches had me get a *cup* today-I had no idea what he meant!  I figured it out, and I guess he'll try it.  He's getting better at catching and pitching-they are working on it every day.  Now, Ethan joins them-he's got Clay's old baseball cleats, and Ches got him a batting helmet last week.  He's worn it nonstop!  He has a bucket of balls, and he uses the tee to bat the balls around.

I've gotten him new jeans, but they are too big!  He really wanted to wear them, so what do you do?
What a day!  I'm so thankful for my sweet kids and husband to spend it with!  We didn't have anything to go to this evening-yay!-so we got to stay home and have pie.  Precious time with them.  We read books (Ethan is choosing Calvin and Hobbes and Street Rodder magazine every night..should I be worried?), said prayers, and gave hugs and kisses.  A practically perfect day!

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