Monday, October 25, 2010

Dirty Laundry

Hey ya'll! : )  I, again, have learned something new.  (I'm going to be 85, and still learning..)  Did you know that when you use a benzoyl peroxide it bleaches your washcloth? Yes, I think I've mentioned that my skin has been breaking out for a month?  I've tried everything.  Now, I'm drinking tons of water, and I tried this new face wash with medication-and my washcloth is no longer khaki!! It's kind of orange, but pale.  I was NOT happy.  There should be a warning on the bottle/tube!  It was dark last night (I had my lamp on) and I was trying not to get it in my eyes since it said there'd be a cool tingling telling you it was working-I didn't want Cold Tingle in my eyes.  So, I didn't even watch the washcloth changing colors!  I will use the wash again tonight, and I did laundry, so I can use the bleached one again!  I can't do linens everyday, so tomorrow..maybe no washcloth.  Or a white one! : )
I cleaned today, did laundry, and ran to the school.  Mary Claire stayed high this morning, and by lunch, she'd only gone higher.  I went and changed her site there, and it took until four this afternoon till she came down!  She was only in the two- and three hundreds, but ack-high! : (
Cleaning is sometimes fun for me (I know-weird), but today I cleaned most of Ches' side of the closet.  He has all these baskets on shelves with running shorts, all different levels of tshirts (you know..New, New-but won't wear, Not New-but still wears, I'm Sick of Seeing These-charity, Favorites, Long-Sleeves, Old/Sentimental-and can't give away, etc.), socks, undies, and a huge basket of bike clothes (I don't even fold them-heehee!) (and six new pairs of tennis shoes he hasn't worn yet!  Is he a Saver? or scared of running out?).  He has probably 50 pairs of socks.  He's been asking for new socks, and he's just buried them!  And I found 24 new t-shirts that he hasn't even worn yet!  He keeps asking me to buy more when I go to Branson, but he never wears them.  Tonight I made a very tall pile to give away, but he said they're his comfy sleep shirts.  Ha!  He'll have to make new comfy ones!
He also has this habit of putting things back in his baskets after wearing them for only an hour or so.  I think I used to (ha-probably still do!) complain about all the laundry I do, so he tried to cut down.  So, he would rewear things he hadn't worn very long (he gets dressed, then rides his bike with bike clothes, and runs with running clothes, and then showers again with clean clothes-wash, rinse, repeat!).  It was a good plan as long as he rewore them, and they actually made it to the dirty clothes!  But..sometimes they just pile up in the baskets.
Today I did five loads of clothes, and I found a full load piled in the clean baskets!  But, wow-it looks nice now! : )  I just hope he breaks in those new shirts..
I'm so tired from staying up late every night playing around with Ches-we are having 80's music contests ("Do you remember this one?"), and I'm worn out.  Tonight I plan (ha!-planning) to go to bed early.  I am also working on the Halloween party, but am stumped.  I emailed the teacher to make sure we could make luminaries, but I haven't heard from her, so..I can't ask other parents to send stuff if I'm not positive we are making them-I may have to change things up.  We'll see.  What on Earth will I do when there are no more big events??
Halloween parties, actual Halloween, Clay's birthday party...oh, and Thanksgiving and Christmas, then Ethan's birthday.  January will be relatively calm! : )

(ok..I love my husband-but I sound negative!  He is so precious, and would do whatever I asked-it's just life at my house.  Dirty Laundry and Music-pretty fun stuff-hahaha!)

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Holly said...

*edit* I have to admit I've now seen a warning on the face wash that it bleaches fabric. Ooops.
But, I won't make that mistake again!