Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dad & Dance

Every day is a new day.  Dad's been feeling yucky for the last few days-since Saturday.  Mom thought maybe it was food poisoning, then maybe a silent heart attack, then a virus, it was so hard to determine with his general, common symptoms.  He had a little chest pain, had a headache, and was very weak.  He could barely get up to go to the bathroom or eat-he was so weak.
Well, Tuesday night John and Christine went over there and told him to go straight to the hospital!  He did, and come to find out-he was severely anemic, and was low on blood!  They did a transfusion, always scary, and gave him two pints of blood.  It is scary when it first starts, because your body can refuse it, or you can have an allergic reaction.  The nurse wouldn't leave the room, and kept checking his vital signs.  He did fine.  He was on oxygen, since his hemoglobin was so low-the oxygen binds to it to be carried around the body, and it was LOW.
Yesterday was better, he has now had an EEG, a CAT scan, and a EGD.  They thought it might be his aorta, but it wasn't.  It was a bleeding ulcer.  They are giving him lots of Protonix via his IV, and it has helped.  That's actually what I take when I have a flare-up!  They wanted to do a colonoscopy, but he wasn't strong enough for the prep.

Today, he's better, but he can't leave until his hemoglobin is up..may be a couple days.  He's getting a steady stream of visitors, so he's entertained. :  )

Later..Ok-more bloodwork showed that his hemoglobin is back down to 9.3-going down.  He got some sleeping meds for night if he needs them, still no appetite, and he's either still loosing blood, or not making new.  He may need more blood soon.  Keep him and his doctors in your prayers!

We are still busy-Mary Claire starts dance tonight, and we've gotten her shoes-two trips and frantic dance-shop-shopping/searching-you can't find them just anywhere!  We found the Red Shoe in Fayetteville, so helpful!  She got some Capezio Foot Undeez for jazz-they look like little underwear for feet-heehee-she loves them! and we got some dance shorts for after ballet-she really won't have time to change out of her leotard, but it'll kinda be like changing clothes.  Maybe I will have time to post pix tonight after class.  Tomorrow I'm headed to Branson for our fall trip, but I don't think I'll be able to post-I'm not sure we have internet! : )

Say some prayers, and THANK YOU to everyone who has registered to walk with us on September 18th-we are super excited!!! : )  We Love You and Appreciate You! : )

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