Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sleepover (with sleep!)

We love getting ready for a party-so much fun!  Mary Claire had a sleepover at a friend's house last night, and we used a couple days to get ready.  We spent yesterday wrapping the gift (zebra bag, hot pink tulle bow, homemade card-wish I had a picture!-and tied it on with black gingham ribbon), and we got the new Go Phone working-and practiced!  I had her call me a couple times, call her daddy-just to make sure she could use it.  In the phone calls, I was coaching her.  I wanted her to know she had to call me every time she was about to put food in her mouth.  She had to check her own blood, and give herself boluses.  I figured it was a tiny reward (to go to a party/sleepover), since she's learned to check herself and use her pump (with me talking her through it).  It's still progress for a sweet eight-year-old.

Last night Ches and I had plans to go out, so Mary (our amazing babysitter!) took her to the party.  We had all her stuff out and ready, but it didn't start till after we were leaving.  Mary took her, and Mary Claire got nervous.  She was nervous with me yesterday afternoon, and she got nervous again with Mary.  Then she forgot everything I told her in our repeated conversations (about check your blood, call me lots, call me when you are going to eat, check yourself last thing before you go to sleep, brush your teeth, etc.), and looked at Mary at her friend's house like she didn't have a clue that she even had diabetes!

She did fine.  She called me before our movie was starting, and she was having pizza.  Her blood sugar was 79, so she was fine.  I talked her through a bolus for the food, and went back to the movie.  Then, she called halfway through the movie, and they were having cake.  Her blood sugar was only 59! so I told her to eat all the cake/frosting, and to give herself a .6 (6/10 a unit of insulin) and I thought she'd go sky high, truthfully!  Well, on our way home, I called her thinking she might be on her way to bed.  She was 59 again!  I could not believe it.  I had her eat two sugar tablets (8 grams) and a teaspoon of peanut butter, and helped her set a temporary basal to 85% for eight hours.

Her friend's mom texted that they were fine, and I asked if she was still up in an hour (which would be midnight...), to wake up Mary Claire and have her check herself.  Well, she was, and Mary Claire was 159-good.  I can't sleep with her low-our doctor in Rogers said the only way you can die (quickly) is low.  (A patient of his-who was trying to tightly control his blood sugar-went to bed at 59, he didn't eat anything, and he didn't wake up the next morning-yep, that's my fear.)

So, I could finally sleep and stop worrying!  Mary Claire called me this morning, and she was 299-ok, a little high, but I'm sure it was my overprotective eight hours at 85%.  I just like her to make it!  She's having doughnuts this morning, and I told her to call me back when she gets ready to eat.

My baby made it through the night, and she is growing up!  I think the experience is as good for me as it is for her. : )

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