Sunday, August 1, 2010

From the Top of the World

New York, we love you, but you make us tired!  Another exciting day: we got up Saturday morning, had the concierge keep our luggage, and went to the Empire State Building.
I don’t remember it taking so long!  It took us about 2 hours.  I haven’t been in 19 years, but I do have memory (just maybe not accurate..).  I do know that the last time I was there, I didn’t see King Kong, but he was there yesterday! : )  (and we really had to convince Ethan that he wasn’t real-we had to point out the zipper on his costume!).  He kept petting my hair-and I couldn’t quit laughing!
Then we walked about 12 blocks back to FAO Schwartz, and had FUN!  There are three floors (and even at that, it wasn’t quite as big as I thought it’d be).  We split up, saw magical toys, dolls, Barbies, cars, trains, the big musical piano (which you can take home the big life-size one from the Big movie for only $250,000).  Then there were creative, artistic crafty things, stuffed animals (the elephant we liked was $999).  They even had Charlie & Lola toys and books!
They had a huge screen with their videos playing, and while Ches was finishing with Clay over in boy toys (we took turns with kids), Ethan and I sat and watched while Mary Claire continued to shop the dolls.  I found lots of dolls I loved.  I think I have a weakness I just discovered.  I fixed their hair, tied their shoes, reattached their diapers straighter (with no bottom showing), and straightened their clothes.  Ahh..sweet baby dolls (and big girl dolls too!).
Then we split up-Ches took Clay to Nintendo World, and I took Mary Claire and Ethan to American Girl Place.  Their window displays were so sweet-and we took pictures:
Then we shopped the three-story store.  Even their bathrooms were beautiful-I almost took a picture!  They had lavender and white striped walls, hot pink curvy frames on the mirrors, and inside the stalls there were silver doll holders, so they didn’t have to lay on the floor while you did your business. : )
Mary Claire had such a dilemma.  She wanted it all.  I told her she could spend about $40, so it was tough to decide.  She lost her doll’s hairbrush around St. Louis (and you have to use a wire brush, since you’ll pull their hair out with a regular brush), so she had to use $7 on that.  She wanted the Healthy Smiles set with braces, headgear, and toothbrush/paste.  But she also wanted clothes, the Everyday set (messenger bag, hat, money, etc.), a leotard, and the list went on.  She got stressed I think.  I told her my opinion, and she sat deciding.
She finally went with the brush and the 2-in-1 Ballerina Set.  It has a leotard, pink dance skirt, yoga pants, leg warmers, wrap sweater, ballet shoes, headband, silver bag, and a charm.  I think she wanted it since she’s starting dance again this fall.  I love the set-and we played dress up all the way back to our hotel tonight (I might need to get me a doll…).
Ches and Clay met us back at Rockefeller Center, and we sat outside by the fountains and Ethan played with his new toy: a motorcycle with a remote control.
Then we went to Café Metro for a small dessert (carrot cupcakes, red velvet cupcake, chocolate peanut butter cookie, yogurt with granola and fruit), then headed back towards St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  We’d seen a wedding there earlier, and they were still there!  They’d drawn a crowd-I don’t know if they were famous or not-and there were trumpets playing out for them-just beautiful!  There was security (lots of people in black, black vehicles, policemen, etc.), but they finally left.  We went in about 30 minutes early just to take in the church.
We stayed for Mass, and Ethan fell asleep-so sweet.  Then we slowly made our way back to our hotel and got our car out of valet parking.  We headed back to Philly to stay the night-and we were all soooo tired!  We stopped somewhere along the way (at 9:35pm!) for dinner at PF Changs-so we didn’t get to the hotel till after eleven.  I will say we all went right to sleep-there was no messing around!
And today-back home.  We are staying in Dayton, Ohio tonight.  Maybe we’ll stop in Indianapolis tomorrow.  We’ll see how it goes.  Good vacation-if we do nothing else, it’ll be enough!

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