Thursday, August 26, 2010

Faux Pix and Trips

Here's our pretend first day of school picture.  It only matters this year I will have forgotten! : )  At least we got one.  The kids were even rushed this morning, and Clay didn't even want to get one.  ha!  Does he even know me after 10 years? : )

Dad's hemoglobin dropped again today. Back down to 9.1 (at 8.5, he got two pints of blood).  I don't know what they'll do.  It seems like he's not regenerating new blood cells.  I think he needs a colonoscopy just in case there's a leak down below.  Just in case.  I know they aren't any fun, but you can't mess around with no blood!

Tomorrow Angie and I are meeting in Branson, Missouri.  I have told the school, and now you, so everyone is hereby informed.  heehee  I can be reached by cell phone, and I'll be deep in Nike, Gap, or Gymboree!

Here's something to do while I'm Two Peas In a Bucket-one of my FAVORITE sites!  You can shop like me and shop the things I love.  Which reminds me of my birthday, which is coming up!  Aren't they anti-climactic?  I think it stems from childhood when we counted down the days till our birthdays, then got a present or a party!  Now, they come and go.  Much less hoorah.  I still like them since I feel special on my day, but I have to make them come alive (with Rick's Bakery and some Brighton!)!  (Does my life revolve around chocolate and jewelry?)  (is that sad?)

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