Saturday, June 20, 2009

PiNK & Nice to meet you

If being achy means I worked really hard yesterday, then I have proof. Kendra came back (long-suffering, isn't she?) and we repainted the room (after a trip back to Benjamin Moore for the CoRRecT color! He admitted he'd used the wrong base!). It was a long afternoon, and then I painted till about 10pm. I just really wanted to finish!! After my feet were killing me (I think you are supposed to wear shoes up on the ladder...), and my hand was achey, and my back was in pain (bending over backward to paint the ceiling), it was time to quit.

The color (kind of a dark pink) looks great in the dark, very elegant, and very cheerful in the day. I plan to dress it only in neutrals, so it looks more adult. This color could get out of hand really quickly! I can just tell. I think I'll use the same drapes I have in my bedroom, but maybe a shade darker. Kind of a linen-color. Then when we make pictures on the beach in Ocean City, I'll print them in sepia tones, mat them in white, and frame them in square chocolate frames. Not too much more in there. I'd planned to polka dot the chandelier shades, and add color, but I think sometimes less is really more (especially with a loud color). I want it to just be background. I'll still have to blend in the rooms around it, and I'll do it with the linen color. Unless I order new slipcovers for the couches...which I was kinda planning anyway...

Ethan came to get me this morning after running off mad at me. (Mean old me put milk in his cereal after he'd declared no milk) He came running saying, "Peepee!" So I tried to take him, and he said, "Show You!" So I went with him. Pee. On My Carpet. How not to punish? I made him freeze (in the yucky underwear) on the bathroom floor while I ran to get cleaner and a rag to clean. I came back to him dancing around (on the carpet!). It's like he was a dog, and he was showing me. Ugh. He's cleaned up, and he made a pee on the potty chair again. So, hopefully all's well. I have another Independent Child. I'm just meeting this child I've known for two and half years.

I feel selfish taking ten minutes to blog with the house on Pause (or Play behind my back), but I need a few minutes to myself. I've been so busy with Ches gone, and it'll stay busy till he's back. I need a shower, more paint, more painting time, and I'm planning to make church today. Somehow. Say a prayer for us! If we are supposed to be there, God will make a way.

**I feel like when I don't post, there is so much missed. Yesterday, we were out getting paint, mailing packages to two soldiers (one in Afghanistan, one in Japan), and I found out how difficult it is (and expensive!). I had to fill out forms for them to go through customs (yes, they were JUST girl scout cookies), and we were at the post office way too long. We got to the car, and Ethan had to go peepee. I didn't think peeing on public (government) property was allowed, so I tried to get him to go in my van trashcan. Nope. We headed home, and he just yelled peepee, so I pulled over, and tried again. He went, and went, and went! He must've held it a long time, because there was so much! And then. What on Earth do you do with the pee that's standing in your vehicle in a trash can? Creepy. We drove home (it didn't spill), and got rid of it!! What if we hadn't been pretty close to home? Not gonna go there. But he held it! and made it in underwear again! and went again in Benjamin Moore's bathroom! (BM's bathroom just did NoT look right!)


Anonymous said...

hope all is well this evening...

it is supposed to snow here, imagine that?

cutie photos indeedy..

love and hugs:)

Anonymous said...

umm...I am a thousand miles away and am on your blog wondering how you are..

what is new with you?

Holly said...

Well, I'm a little slow without you in town to help me! It's crazy here! I can see you'll land in about an hour. We'll plan to meet you. Your phone has been off all day, so I can't tell you. Be safe, and see ya soon! : )