Thursday, June 11, 2009

Halfway There

Skipped a nap-just for you! I can't do it all by any means, so I have to pick and choose. I finished the book I just started, Remember Me? by Sophia Kinsella, so good! Ches got it for me about a year (or two?) ago, and it was so much like that goofy Samatha Who show, I wouldn't read the book. I mean, how long can a show go on-she's making memories, so what's left to explore? Anyway, it was a good book, not as good as her others, but entertaining poolside reading. When I'm in a book, I have to finish it-two or three days tops. Gotta find out what happens, then I'll take a few days off. And write for YOu! Soup for YOU! : )

Ethan is progressing...No poops in the potty today, but lots of pees! Like 10 or 12! Still naked (from the waist down). I tried underwear again this morning (so MaYBe we could go out tomorrow!), but nope. He sat on the potty chair, and peed right through them. There was some pee in the little pot, but mostly it'd soaked the 15 layer undies! : O So, small bath, and back to naked. It's working, so who am I to rock the boat?

This morning we cleaned upstairs bathrooms, washed the kids' sheets/remade their beds, gave baths, played I Spy Go Fish, did four pages each of their math workbooks (MC loved it, and said this is why she wants to homeschool-yeah, she didn't get the memo). We used unifix cubes, and then had to look forever to find them all to put them back! I made tuna salad for the kids, but had no pickles. They were nice, and didn't say much. Yesterday, they balked at lunch, and I told them lots of kids have no lunch! There are kids in our town who walk to the local elementary school to get a lunch-they started to get it. So, today they said no pickles were better than no tuna salad. Way to come around! : ) heehee

Thanks, Mom for bringing MC more Propel! : ) Ethan is drinking it now (he calls it "'Pel!"). Alrighty, kids are on the loose, Ches is home, so I gotta get busy again. Mom, have a great trip, and I'll see you in 16 days? Love you! : )


Gigi said...

~~Love you too my sweet daughter..

I know you will make your family happy and cool and comfortable. One of the things my adorable and well-respected Ms. Winfrey says is "Let your home rise up to meet you" not just in style and decor but in love and being a safe place to fall. You have it all my dear, never doubt it.

Maybe when I return from the great 'outback' you and your sweet bike guy can go for a long four days to some remote location or maybe for a couple of days (although no swimming since I am not CPR certified. I can see myself hysterically pulling kids out of the pool with the insect net) ;o) lol

Much love..give Sissy and Ethan a big hug..

Holly said...

Thanks! Ches is looking up flights already-he doesn't have to be asked twice!! : ) He's already gone thru LA, Charleston, Park City, Atlanta, Savannah.

Have fun-what time are you leaving Sat?

Anonymous said...

12:21 p.m.

Wow...Ches making plans? That will be great!

Love and hugs...

Holly said...

I know, weird.
I'm busy telling off Gap. Their customer service absolutely sucks. I pay off my bill every month-sometimes in the thousands (bad, but true), and last month I got no bill-not one to be found anywhere-and I got one today, called, said I'd pay it off tonight, and asked them to take off the $25 late charge (on the big $43 dollar balance)! Nope. So I closed the account. I can get a Visa anywhere. I just think it's crazy, so I sent them an email. I sent them $15,530 last year alone (I pulled up a report!). That and their sucky store service-they'll be headed down shortly if they keep it up.
So, how's your evening? : )

Gigi said...

:passes out


They need to listen when you speak~~

I went to bed very early for me, slept ten hours and have ten thousand things to do, which is natural for someone going 'out'. lol

Love and hugs..