Thursday, June 4, 2009

Poopy. Progress!

Disclaimer: Don't read if you have no kids.
Potty-Training Tally: 15 poops, 3 pees. Seriously. I think it's either all the fruit/juice that he eats, or he is in the midst of antibiotic poop. Kinda runny. I know. I told you to not read-if you have kids, you've either already experienced (and blocked it out) or you are headed to this moment in your life-it's unavoidable (unless you plan to change diapers at 5...)!! : )
Anyway, he was having the best day! : ) Every time he'd squeeze out some poopy, he'd yell, "Poopoo, peepee!!!" and we'd all run, jump up and down (sometimes with pictures), sing, bounce, and generally party! We'd wipey his bottom, flush, party down some more, then do it again (sometimes 3 minutes later..). I had a towel under the potty chair, and it got dirty twice, so it's been constant laundry. We also did undie washing... I tell you, F-U-N! : ) I'm just looking forward to the end product: fewer diapers, WooHOo! : )

Yes, I did more than that today, are you kidding? We did Room Cleaning today. The kids did REal cleaning (as opposed to Shove-It-Under-the-Bed tactics), and then Clay vacuumed all upstairs as per his agreement (to pay for his Diary of a Wimpy Kid Journal at Sam's yesterday).

While we were cleaning...Ethan made a book mess in the hearth room, pulled out games *twice* and messed all cards/toys up, dumped his Lucky Charms all over the floor, then ate the "Luckies" (the colored sugar shapes) off the floor like a dog, then I found him in the office, playing with my Fiskars cutter-ahhhhh!!!!! So, I planted him in the highchair with some snacks and a drink, and got a tiny bit done. Then I opened up Ethan's blinds/drapes, pulled out his toy tubs, and let him mess (in HIS room!) to his heart's desire. I always figure that it's an investment. If it only takes me 5-10 minutes to clean up, and it bought me 30-45 minutes of work time, I've profited! : )

So, during his nap time, me and the kids went out to enjoy our amazing 79 degree weather! The kids swam, I cleaned up, layed out, got splashed, deadheaded flowers, and killed three bees (I actually have a *technique* now!) that seemed to be chasing me! Did I mention that it's 8 hours later, and I'm a pretty shade of PiNk? Yes, I know you can get burned on cloudy days, and sunny, hot days, but somehow I just blanked out on a cool day. Hehe. It's really not that bad, and I have some color to show for all my big 3 days of summer break, so I shall call it even. I even got treated to a great House Special pizza at Mellow Mushroom, so my day wasn't half bad! We got to eat outside (and see geese) (and other people's kids run loose over to a retaining wall that's not done, almost fall down, and around the building, by a StReeT, and my kids wanted to know why their parents didn't love them), and it was perfect weather.

Back home, calm, more poop in the potty, so good day. Progress. My baby growing up. Am I feeling happy or sad?

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Happy of course.