Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grocery Chat

Do you separate your cold/warm groceries in the back of your vehicle? I totally do. But, I got to thinking after I got home (and the girls helped me unload the trunk), does everyone do this? I know that when I get home, I really do NOT want to unload the entire bit of spending right away. The weather is always not right, I'm lazy, there's never enough help, then I have to put the stupid stuff away, it's heavy, etc. So I usually put all the cold on the right (closest to the house, of course), then pile the warm (boxes, drinks) on the right, and the bread/chips/bananas all on top! (My new thing is to put fruit/veggies on the bottom shelf of the cart as the checker bags them, so I load them last into the trunk.) Then, at home, I put away the freezer, then fridge stuff, then leave the other till later. An hour or two?

Okay, started that (above) a couple of days ago, but I'm so mired in parenting alone, that I have no time to finish it.

Ches is in LA having a blast (well, not quite-teaching), and I'm here, loading up my days with tons of fun stuff!! : ) Hard at night, but we're doing okay. We're headed to story time at the library this morning, maybe I'll catch you up later? Yesterday was awesome! We went to bible study, swam and played with friends, dinner-almost at 7!! then baths, bed. Good day.

Who would've thought I'd have time to run on about groceries?? That was BEFORE the Ches-exit. heehee


Gigi said...

Good 4 u. I am done in as well. Lots of furry animal photos and a bald eagle and her eglet made 4 a great day. Keep up the good pleasure of being a busy mom. Love u.


Holly said...

Yay for the Hogs yesterday!! : ) Ches was also watching! : )

Today was busy as well. Maybe blog if I don't fall asleep. : )
Love you too! holly