Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What makes you cool? Alligator Teeth?

Three times. That's the number of times Ethan's woken up crying during this very short nap. Ugh. I took him and Mary Claire (and Clay tagged along) to the doctor this morning. Mary Claire has an ear infection (in the ear that just lost its tube a month ago), and Ethan has an unexplained fever, and runny nose that started just Sunday. He has intermittently (that just doesn't looked spelled correctly) told me that his "tummy hurts", but the doctor dismissed it. He gave them both antibiotics (I'll still be griping about them in 10 days...), which I'm not sure was appropriate for Ethan, but here we go again.

I stopped by McDonald's to fill their tummies before we ran into WM for orange-flavored drinks to mask the orange-pineapple meds for Ethan (they all got the useless Monkey Explorer toy), and then we had an eventful trip through WM. Ethan clamored for the huge, gigantic, long, difficult cart with the attachment at the front (that makes Mother's job even more difficult), and then there are only two seats, so arguments all around. Then we got junk food (moment of weakness?) like sodas, pop-tarts, granola bars, cereal, salami, "hard Parmesan" (Clay wants to eat the big wedge whole!), spaghettios, etc. I was just driving that stupid (one of the wheels was crippled and turned inward, and didn't even touch the ground!) cart around with my ragamuffin kids. They didn't match, had messy hair, and Mary Claire's skirt needed a serious iron job. But we made it (and ran into an old friend, as well!), and lived to tell about it.

I have to further explain (Mom): I am a little less stressed about the kids Actions, not how they look! I was not excited when I got home from my school meeting to find the kids were Annie-looking. I didn't give them baths last night since it was the last day of school, and I was so busy enjoying the laying-around-watching-school-videos (and we abruptly put them to bed at 8 so I could watch John & Kate-I'd forgotten!), so they were a little messy, and I'd not hung out today's clothes.

Clay has a new "look": jeans. In 86 degree heat! I got him pulled aside long enough for him to tell me he thinks he looks "cool" in them.

*Ok, to finish later, fourth crying spell!**

Ok, back at it, 8 hours later!! Anyway, he has been told by "Cool" Ben in his class that he is not cool (I know, confusing..), so now he's trying to up his Cool Quotient by wearing jeans and long sleeved shirts (first preference) and T-Shirts (second choice). Of course, I feel like I buy him very nice clothes, so I can't believe he looks uncool in absolutely anything he owns, but what? Who the heck does this kid think he is? So I asked Clay what makes him cool. Get this. If you have lots of things, like billions of Legos, an alligator tooth, and a fox skull, you are cool. So, that's all it takes to change a little boy's opinion of himself. It makes me sad. Anyway, I still haven't connected the dots between the jeans (in summer!) and the coolness, but I'll work on it.

I have bible study in the morning, and I haven't done my homework. I really must get to it. I got an email that there's a typo in question 5-it's a good thing I didn't stress over it! Heehee, procrastination was a good thing?


Gigi said...

Annie looking? As in, Little Orphan Annie? Honey even on the worst day playing outside, your dear little ones are picture perfect..


Tell Clay "The Indian and the Cupboard" is available to rent from the library after he reads it. His reading skills are remarkable, as well as Sissy's! I suggested to Sissy she write her teacher a little letter because she misses her so much. I hope you will provide her with a stamp and envelope with a correct address :O) (Nothing like one more thing to do, huh?)

Love and hugs from my ice cream chocolate room that doesn't smell any more.

Holly said...

Yay, well that's progress! : ) Does it have sprinkles on top? : )

Yes, she can write her. I'll have to look for her address.

And Clay needs another series. He reads everything he can find, then resorts to more dinos and Calvin. I like it when he branches out!
: ) THere's so much more out there! And I have tons of books he hasn't even read yet. Somehow he has to happen upon it himself. If I give it to him, he sets in on a shelf. I have him the Indian in the Cupboard months ago. I have the series of three. Maybe he's older now? It's pretty good! : )