Monday, June 1, 2009

Life on EARTH!

Why on Earth do we need to visit Life on other planets? We have all the fun we can handle right here! Why not just learn a little about the people on OUR planet?!

I have to say every day I visit fun blogs like this one where she encourages readers to BE NICE! I grabbed her badge (to the right), and will have to report to her Nice Things (or just refer you over to her corner of the Web)! She's out to encourage niceness (love it, don'tcha?) and bring in fun pictures and stories of those spreading kindness. I love it, and we can all grow our heart two sizes by doing the smallest things. Check it out!

I mean, there are SO many people on our planet, and how many have YOU met? or read about? I think once we conquer our territory and understand those people, then we can move on to the next section of the galaxy.

I just want to stay up after midnight every night just looking for fun (or quirky..) people! They make me laugh, like here, or cry for them. Sometimes after reading into people's lives, you feel like you really know them.

Ok, and I met someone new today-on the last day of school. I think it was a God-thing. She was saying bye to Mrs. Cheshier, and telling her to read her blog, etc. and I just blurted out, "Where are you going?" and I got the story, and ended up crying with her, and hugging her, and can I just say how proud I am of the amazing people on this Earth that heed God's call? I feel all called to minister to my daughter (in her tiny diabetes world), and Lacey Carney is moving to GUATAMALA! She has sold all of her earthly possessions, and is taking her family to another country with a mission to turn around a generation of people. She is going to be running an orphanage (not with a goal of adopting all the kids out), just raising the kids. She and her husband will be over the baby dorm, and will love them and fill them with Christ. Their plan is to raise up a new generation of Christians to fill the country, stay there, and start change in their country. I mean, wow. All I could do is keep saying wow, and God Bless You. I mean, could you do it? Leave it all behind, and GO? I know we're all called for different things, but that's an honor and a shaking from your comfort zone. Oh, of course I asked all the usual questions: where will your kids go to school? (at an American school there), where will you live? (at the baby dorm), how long will you be there? (a two-year commitment, but they have no plans to come back. At all.), are your kids ready/do they understand? (yes). So, she'll be my new person to track and learn about. You can read about her here.

Ok, not so much new with little ol' me in this big world. We had an after school (last day) party play day in which Ethan did not get in the pool (applause here), only one small injury (and mom to pick him up), only one nasty diaper, lots of sharing kids, fun racquetball/tennis games, lots of exercise, and great friends to bless our day. I do love the friends from our tiny basket with which we can be ourselves, tell the truth, and still be accepted. <3 (that's a heart!)

Oh, we had fun, and I think it relaxed my day. : ) I had worked outside at Field Day, then hung out at the school catching up, hugging teachers, crying some, and already missing the sweet people who are near my babies daily. But later, we had breakfast for dinner, and Clay poured jelly (accidentally) down his shorts, leg, and floor. I just didn't care. He cleaned it up, and we moved on. Mary Claire had about four pieces of jelly toast (not a norm), but it was the last day, and I don't think anything could have burst my bubble. We sat and watched Mary Claire's video of pictures from the year, and just had some family time.

I think what changed my messy/jelly/wild reactions: the last time I got all bent out of shape about something not-so-important (like soap wasted down the drain, clean shoes stomped through mud puddles, a fresh sweater worn for an hour and shoved in the dirty clothes, etc.), Mary Claire looked up at me and said, "Mommy, why did that make you so mad?" and I had to stop and ask myself. I did not have a decent answer. It's changed my life. Really. She's just so darn smart. : ) So, now I'm trying to let some little things go. No, Heaven forbid, not everything! Just keeping it real. And in perspective. In my tiny part of the globe.

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