Monday, June 29, 2009

Lost Memory, $100 Reward if Found

I need fewer prayers today. Thanks, Mom! She's had the kids since yesterday afternoon, and I've been trying to get too much done. Somehow, it just seems like my load is lighter, so I'm making hay. I'm trying desperately to get that crazy pink room done! I have made a decision on drapes (tiny CheeR!), found a most beautiful silver lamp and shade at PB, progress is found. Laundry is almost caught up, got groceries last night at the coolest new WM-near Promenade/Pinnacle. Very posh. I mean for a Wal-Mart. : ) Ches called it a nice convenience store. It was small, but had all we needed. I guess at a WM price? I only spent $82, so is it a good deal?

I am sometimes (well, most-times) so proud of my littlest boy (and the others too). We were at PB, checking out, and he pulled his (extra) underwear out of my purse, and told the ladies, "My Underwear!" (well, more like "unnerwear") They just looked at me. Then, I did the tiny dance/explanation-he is potty-trained, I carry extra ones in my purse, he's proud. I think when they made the "Oh, they're extras!" conclusion, then they laughed/got quiet. I guess they haven't seen small children in a few years. I mean, I'd be cheering for someone else's kids if I found out they were potty-trained (and I have!). They are just beyond, and in another land. Ches and I tried our darndest (is that a word?) last night to remember exactly what Clay had looked like at Ethan's age. He was similar, but much less hair. We were so mired in the birth of Mary Claire (when Clay was 17.5 months), so she was growing up then too. It's hard to remember that far back, and to remember their face exactly. It's like I have a collage-view.
I've read that moms lose their memories of their tiny children on purpose, or more that it's God's Plan. Apparently we wouldn't have more if we remembered the pain/sleep loss/stress/hard days. I guess that's why we tell our friends how great babies are, and we are so excited for them when we find out they're pregnant! We have selective memories, and only remember the really great/special moments. I think it's a good plan, except when my mental hard drive seems to fail me, and I WaNt to remember things.

I requested that my bible study group pray for my memory, since that's my greatest problem right now. I am thrilled it's not a worse problem, but then again, if it was something else... I don't know if I could recall it. I want to remember my kids' names (instantly), remember where I'm going, remember what I was saying to someone, remember to register my kids for swimming lesssons (insert football, dance, baseball, science or girl scout camp here), take Mary Claire to gymnastics or to pay my Gapcard bill. I've installed all these tiny reminders, but they all fail me too. Lists, tabbed notebooks, indexed schedules, my calendar, and Yahoo reminders/emails. I even call and leave myself a message if something's coming up soon. Maybe God is working his Plan on me. He's leaving out the bad, and I'm only remembering the really good. Like I almost forgot Ethan had a peepee accident at Mom's yesterday (and the wet clothes are in a bag in the van).


Gigi said...

You are welcome my daughter. The children are very very good. When they smile, little twinkles sparkle around their teeth. They literally take care of themselves, requiring nothing more from me than chai tea or a mocha latte. How easy is that? The rest is all fun and games~~~

I look forward to tomorrow as well.

Congrats on the PB lamp. I will see it soon.

Love you!

Anonymous said...


I know where your memory is:

It is in your brain.

Lucy says "The Doctor Is In"

That will be one hundred dollars Sir.

Holly said...

I think Marcie calls Peppermint Patty Sir! But, hmm.. How do you AcTiVaTe it!??

Anonymous said...

What no blog? You are so busy lately for sure. Why not just have a sign-in blog? That way we can talk about other people. lol

Gigi said...

Holly: Thank you for helping me this afternoon. I don't know what I would have done without your help. Hopefully we will get this problem fixed soon. Love and hugs~~~~