Thursday, June 18, 2009

Peony Pink, Maybe

Hot Pink. It's actually called Peony Pink by Benjamin Moore. That's the color I thought I was smearing all over my breakfast room walls. Well. It was mixed wrong, we found out after three coats!! Going on it was all smooth, dark pink, luscious. Dry, it was almost the same exact color as it was before-red. But the old was dusty, new was fresh. Kendra helped me paint today-who would give up their afternoon to help me paint? Only my mom or a really great friend. It's yucky work! We opened up the can I'd bought as a sample to try-a quart-and it matched the paint strip/chip that Kendra accidentally found. The color we'd been putting up all afternoon matched the bottom color! It was a dark red not far from where we'd started. We'll try again tomorrow. Boy, what a surprise Father's Day gift for Ches when he gets home late Sunday! He knows about it, but I bet he'll be surprised! You only live once, and we live colorfully. Only when you have kids at home can you be so bold. I'll settle into blah colors when I'm older. Grandkid-days and beiges, maybe?

We made it to Story Time this morning-yay! and Early!! (on accident), checked out new books (can I just say it gets harder to find even one good book when they get older? They've read every picture book made, and they have narrowed interests when they get older, ugh, difficult), then to Lowe's to buy spray-able Seven Dust to kill my cutworms that are devouring two of our pine trees out front! It's awful! They ate all the needles off the top, and down onto a branch since last night. I ended up cutting off those branches. I pulled all the worms off (I'll post a pix of the creatures tomorrow) the bottom branches, and covered my fingers in disgusting pine tar and worm slime. Grossest job yet. : P

Then I got the kids (just Clay and MC, don't be crazy!) hair cut, then returned some books to the other library, then home for lunch and nap/rest time. Our days are running really late- nap was 1:30ish, and dinner has been sevenish in our normally 5pm lives. We've got to get it together!

It's almost midnight, and I get to do it all again tomorrow! Painting, at least. : )

ps-He was in underwear all day, even for all that running around, and No Accidents!! Yay!!


Gigi said...

good luck on the painting. the artist in you keeps bubbling forth. i can`t wait to see the room. is it the breakfast room? talk to you soon::

GO HOGS BEAT LSU..............

Anonymous said...

heehee I reread and c it is the breakfast room.

Holly said...

Yes! It's a dark pinkish red, and it's pretty. I'm planning to add all neutrals. Oatmeal-colored drapes, sepia pictures with chocolate-colored wood frames, etc. I think I'll start turning down the volume in the house...except for the pink of course! : )